The Involvement of NEJ Social Services in Benguet and Loakan Green Meadows (Updated – Improved Copies of Public Documents)

Benguet Green Meadows (BGM) has been promoted to Government Agencies as a Community Mortgage Program (CMP) socialized housing project by two NGOs – initially by NEJ Social Services Foundation Inc (NEJ), and more recently by Baguio-Benguet Green Meadows Foundation Inc (BBGMFI).

Documents submitted to La Trinidad Municipal Government Planning and Development Office indicated the involvement of NEJ under the Presidency of Melania A. Benito as CMP Originator, and documents issued to LTMG, HLURB-CAR and CMP beneficiaries identify that she was apparently in turn represented during the period September 2001 to August 2002 by Lovely Ladignon Mandapat, who claimed to be CMP Coordinator.

NEJ’s last reported address to the SEC Manila in its filed 26 July 1999 General Information Sheet was 9 Fernandez Tenament, A. Bonifacio Avenue, Cainta, Rizal.

In response to an inquiry made in 2005, the SEC Manila could not advise who were the valid elected officers for the years 2000 to 2004 because mandatory General Information Sheets (GIS) had not been submitted by NEJ.

Why was the National Home Finance Mortgage Corporation (NHFMC) allowing an NGO that had not filed its mandatory GIS to be an Originator for a CMP project?

Better coordination is certainly needed between the NHFMC and the SEC.

And surely the NHFMC/SHFC should require all accredited CMP originators to prove on an annual basis that their SEC submissions are update otherwise their accreditation should be suspended. That is how how you minimize the potential for fraud.

Between October 2001 and March 2002, Official Receipts were issued to beneficiaries by Mam Lovely and Gay Marie Mandapat Ragasa, who both claimed to be authorized representatives and signatories of NEJ, whose stated address was 2nd Floor, Agora Complex Building, Cainta, Rizal. See below.

No documents were shown to those beneficiaries identifying that either Mam Lovely or Ragasa had legally valid authority granted by NEJ to collect money from beneficiaries or sign oficial BIR receipts.

Absent Mam Lovely uploading to her blogsite a copy of the NEJ legal authorization, which would need to be supported by a necessary NEJ Board Resolution, it would appear that money has been collected ILLEGALLY from those beneficiaries, which would constitute the CRIMINAL OFFENSE OF ESTAFA

So we challenge Mam Lovely, if she wants readers of her website to believe that she is telling the truth about Lovely Ladignon Mandapat, to upload copies of the legal authorization document issued by NEJ and the assocaited NEJ Board Resolution. If she does not upload it then it evident that she did not have such documents and she was acting ILLEGALLY.  

The choice is yours Mam Lovely – publish or be damned, as the saying goes.

During this same period Mandapat signed a letter dated 10 February 2002 issued to La Trinidad Vice Mayor Artemio Galwan, but STRANGELY a different address for NEJ was used – 7 Elena St, Cristina Village, Cainta, Rizal.

Why were different NEJ addresses being used in February 2002 by Mandapat when dealing with different people?

By June and July 2002, NEJ receipts were being issued to beneficiaries (who have since filed a Court case against Lovely Ladignon Mandapat and Judge Abraham Borreta) using a 7 Elena St, Cristina Village address, but not in Cainta – instead it was in Barangay Dela Paz, Pasig City. (See receipt documents above)

Those official receipts had however been ILLEGALLY amended because the original booklet recepit numbers had been replaced with new numbers that had been stamped onto the receipts, and the address for NEJ had been changed. Presumably Mam Lovely had run out of original receipts and could not get any new booklets from Melania Benito of NEJ because Benito no longer wanted Mandapat on the project.  See below:

Mam Lovely, when you had those new receipt numbers handstamped onto recipts and ILLEGALLY altered those receipts, you forgot one important details. Eahc receipt identifed the sequence numbering for the receipt booklets that have been issued by the BIR authorized booklet printer. You rather foolishly used new handstamped numbers that did not match the booklet sequence numbering of 3000 to 5500! 

This is clearly a CRIMINAL FALSIFICATION AND FRAUD matter for investigation by the Bureau of Internal Revenue

Imagine, a Judge (Borreta) being linked to the issued of falsified BIR Official Receipts. SCANDALOUS

Why did NEJ not report its many address changes to the SEC as required by law?

Was it because Mandapat was using a bogus address for NEJ because she had fallen out with Benito, and she therefore could no longer use the real NEJ address?

STRANGELY, several NEJ letters issued to LTMG during March to May 2002 signed by Mandapat contained no NEJ address at all.

NEJ and Benito could not be contacted at the last stated Elena St telephone number to verify whether Mandapat and Ragasa had any valid authority to collect moneys, issue receipts and make representations to or issue letters to government agencies on its behalf during the period September 2001 to August 2002.

The SEC, NHFMC, HLURB,BIR and LTMG need to urgently question Mam Lovely about these anomalous documents and obtain answers.

On 19 August 2002 Rose Teodoro executed a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) in favor of “Lovely Ladignon-Mandapat, married” empowering the latter to sell land covered by TCT66606. See below.


However, that land was registered in the names of Prudencio and Rose Teodoro. Prudencio had died intestate on 25 November 2001, and Rose Teodoro was not granted legal authority to sell that land until 9 months later on 8 May 2003. See below.


Rose Teodoro therefore clearly did not have the necessary valid legal authority to execute that SPA in favor of Lovely Ladignon-Mandapat because it was not until the later date of 9 May 2003 that the various heirs of Prudencio Teodoro jointly executed an Extra Judicial Settlement of Estate With Authority To Sell Real Estate Property in her favor.

Further, and based on her own SELF-INCRIMINATING testimony before Judge Pamintaun in which Mam Lovely claimed that she married Roehl Mandapat in October 2002, i.e. two months after the Special Power of Attorney was executed, the FALSE ALIAS NAME Lovely Mandapat was used in that SPA. 

So it is very clear that the Special Power of Attorney was a FALSIFIED PUBLIC DOCUMENT that was issued to HLURB to obtain the registration of a Loakan Green Meadows Home Owners Association Inc, which would be a CRIMINAL OFFENSE

HLURB should therefore be filing criminal charges in respect of that FALSIFICATION.

In an Intent to Sell document (see below) dated 27 August 2002 Lovely Mandapat claimed to be Officer-in-Charge, CMP-CAR BGM, NEJSSFI Inc., albeit the validity of that claim cannot be confirmed due to the disconnected Elena St telephone number.

In that document issued to Quino M. Betong, President of Loakan Green Meadows Homeowners Association Inc (LGMHOA), Rose Teodoro confirmed her intention to sell lands covered by TCT66606.

Again , because of the use of the FALSE ALIAS NAME Lovely Mandapat and the fact that it was not until the later date of 9 May 2003 that Rose Teodoro was granted legal authority by the heirs of Prudencio Teodoro so sell the land covered by TCTC66606, that Letter of Intent was a FALSIFIED PUBLIC DOCUMENT, which again would be a CRIMINAL OFFENSE.

HLURB requires a proposed CMP homeowners association to submit supporting documents with its registration application (See link in Blogroll), including a legally valid Intent to Sell and, where applicable, a SPA that authorizes a third party to sell the registered owners lands to the Association.

However, LGMHOA submitted the aforementioned LEGALLY INVALID AND CRIMINALLY FALSIFIED Intent to Sell and SPA to support its registration application.

HLURB and NHFMC/SHFC clearly need to investigate this CRIMINAL OFFENSE matter and file charges against Mam Lovely.


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