Have We Got You WORRIED Mam Lovely?

Our blogsite seems to have got Mam Lovely VERY WORRIED indeed.

Why else would she start another blogsite at http://www.bbgmfi.com in which she FALSELY claims that the public documents posted on our blogsite are fake. Or maybe she has forgotten the password for her Lovely Lapuz blogsite. But then, what is the point of FALSELY claiming that an NBI arrest record complete with her fingerprints is fake. Has she had cosmetic surgery on her finger tips? We are not fooled by you, Mam Lovely – as deceptive as you try to be, you are simply not that clever – and remeber Mam Lovely those fingerprints match the biometric ones you provided in order to obtain your overseas visa. Enjoy your sentence in jail when you are arrested upon arrival overseas for falsifying your visa application.

Mam Lovely, perhaps you have forgotten that many of those public documents (certified copies) have been presented already in several court cases, including the administrative complaint filed by Judge Ayson against Judge Borreta. Are you FALSELY accusing Judge Ayson of presenting fake documents before the Supreme Court?

Shame on you! Once the Supreme Court gets word of what you are posting on the internet poor old Judge Borreta, your co-landowner at Benguet Green Meadows is going to be in very sticky brown poo.

How strange that none of the judges in those court cases found any of the documents to be fake.

Yet again Mam Lovely you seem to rely on UNTRUTHFULNESS, LIES AND DISHONESTY.

Instead of inventing fake documents Mam Lovely, why not accept our previous challenge to you – publish a copy of your De Vera marriage anulment and your certified copy of your marriage certificate to Roehl Mandapat on your new blogsite. Or are those the real fake documents? Rest assured Mam Lovely, we have checked it all out – there is no anulment and no certified marriage to Roehl Mandapat, and that means the TCTs you have for Benguet Green Meadows are FALSIFIED because they FALSELY state that Roehl Mandapat is your spouse.

Mam Lovely, the problem with relyiing upon falsification of documents is that sooner or later those falsified documents dig your own jail grave. Not even a judge like Borreta can save you when he is implicated in the falsification as well.

For the benefit of “Guy”, “AKI” and other buyers who are avid readers of this blogsite, if you are having difficulty locating Mam Lovely, ask Kelly Parsons why she does not tell you that Lovely is studying dentistry full time at University of Baguio. That is where you will find her most days, but has she used the surname Mandapat to enrol on that course or is she using one of her other FALSE ALIAS NAMES such as Lapuz. Those of you with kids enrolled at UB can get them to check the notice boards in the dentistry school and see what name she is using.

The use of any FALSE ALIAS NAME needs reporting to the university administration so that she can be expelled from her course!

By the way, if you want a good idea of what Kelly Parson´s character really is, go and read her Friendster site – http://profiles.friendster.com/kikayhoney. She is so brazen that she publishes a picture of herself with a man fondling her breast! (see below)

All buyers should be filing complaints with the SHFC/NHFMC in Manila because the Benguet Green Meadows project has not been approved by those Government agencies or HLURB and therefore she is not permitted to collect any money from buyers. SHFC/NHFMC should also be advised that Mam Lovely should not be allowed to be involved in BBGMFI anymore because she is studying dentistry at college full-time and does not spend time meeting buyers to deal with their complaints and requests for refunds of money paid for an unappreoved project.

Buyers MUST write formal complaints to BBGMFI and make sure they get a RECEIVING COPY. Do not rely on verbal communications with BBGMFI – that just allows them to lie and claim that nothing ever happened.

All buyers should file a complaint with the SEC Baguio Extension Branch located in Session Road, and dientify that BBGMFI has probably been registered by a person using a false aliass name, as evidenced by her testimony before Judge Pamintaun that she did not “marry” Roehl Mandapat until one month after the SEC registration took place, and five months after she obtained  a CTC from Baguio City Hall using the false alias name Mandapat.

The complaints should identify that one of the co-landowners involved in this SCAM is Judge Abraham B. Borreta of RTC Branch 154, Pasig City. We suggest that your complaints should also be copied to the Office of the Court Administrator at the Supreme Court, and that you request that Judge Borreta, who has already been investigated and found guilty for violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct with respect to matters related to Benguet Green Meadows, is further “motu propio” investigated with regard to his undeclared property ownership in Benguet Green Meadows, his use of at least nine Special Powers of Attorney to sell lands at Benguet Green Meadows to a person using the FALSE ALIAS NAME Lovely Ladignon Mandapat, and that they have jointly set out to defraud you of money for a socialized housing that has not received approvals from SHFC or NHFMC and for which the HLURB has not issued a License to Sell.

Complaints filed with SHFC and SEC should demand a joint “5 year audit” of BBGMFI to ascertain whether money has been obtained from buyers in a fraudulent manner for an unapproved project and also ascertain what has happened to the money that the buyers have paid for Benguet Green Meadows. SEC regulations allow for such audits to be carried out. Buyers should also send a copy of their complaints to Noli De Castro who oversees the Government socialized housing program. If you buyers have been asked to pay money for a project that does not have any permits or SHFC/NHFMC approval then that is probably ESTAFA and you may be able to file a criminal case. Consult an attorney.

Some of the land at Benguet Green Meadows remains registered in the name of Philippine National Bank. We suggest that buyers also complain in writing to Philippine National Bank, La Trinidad because Mam Lovely cannot sell their registered land to you unless she had already obtained authority to do so from that bank. If she has solf their lend without their authority then you may find that the bank will serve as a witness in any ESTAFA case that you file against Lovely Ladignon De Vera a.k.a Lovely Mandapat, Lovely Lapuz, Lovely Ladignon.

We also suggest that buyers write complaint letters to Mayor Galwan of La Trinidad. He has already been made aware of the problems at Benguet Green Meadows, and a deluge of complaint letters from buyers will almost certainly result in him helping your cause. Maybe also issue a complaint letter to Mayor Bautista and ask for her business license to be revoked and the BBGMFI office to be closed down – given his involvement with UB, Mayor Bautista may also be able to assist you in ascertaining which name she has used to enrol at UB School of Dentistry, and if it is a false alias name, he may encourage the university to file appropriate criminal falsification charges against her and expel her from the course. 

For those of you who are not aware, Mayor Galwan has already initiated a joint exercise with the HLURB to identify rogue subdivision developers in La Trinidad who are selling lands without first obtaining licenses to sell, and these developers are now identifed in a “rogues” list posted at HLURB and the Municipal Hall.

We suggest that buyers also use the “Weeks Mail” column in the Baguio Midland Courier to make the public and government officials aware of how they are being cheated at Benguet Green Meadows, i.e. paid for a project that has no permits and had not even been approved by the SHFC/NHFMC. The Midland Courier has already seen many documents relating to Benguet Green Meadows and the use of FALSE ALIAS NAMES by Lovely Ladignon De Vera.

All of you buyers should be members of an incorporated homeowners association. That association is required by law to have annual and, if requested, special meetings. All members should receive a formal invite to an annual general meeting each year. Complaints about the project can be raised and minuted at those meetings. That way, other buyers who do not know why there has been no progress at Green Meadows will find out the truth. If there are enough members to propose one, a special meeting can be called to address complaints about payments being made but no approvals having been obtained. At the very least it enables like-minded buyers to join together as a group and collectively take action to lessen any costs of filing a criminal complaint. Remember that aside from the costs of the initial filing, as the case will be handled in court by a public prosecutor, your legal costs will be minimized. Your homeowners association should be registered with the HLURB in Baguio from whom you will be able to obtain a copy of the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, plus any other mandatory submissions related to your HOA. Find out the names of the officers of the HOA and check their relationship to Mam Lovely to ascertain whether there are any conflicts of interest or other anomalies such as their not being qualified to be be members of a CMP Homeowners Association. Mam Lovely tends to control the HOA by having officers who protect her interests at the expense of other buyers. Any complaints about how the HOA is being operated should be issued in writing to HLURB. We suggest that you try and get a HLURB official to attend the meeting at which you raise concerns on Benguet Green Meadows so that they witness your attempt to address grievances.

As for the Phase III mentioned in “Guy”s comment, buyers in that phase should hot-foot it down to the Office of Municipal Planning and Development. speak to Ricky Lando and find out if any documents have been submitted for approval – last time we checked nothing had been submitted.

Just to keep you further informed on the activities of Mam Lovely, having ditched “so-called” hubby Roehl she has recently stolen someone´s husband, and get this – she has threatened the wife with violence to be carried out by “underground” types if she does not stop hassling her to get her husband back.

Mam Lovely, just like Mam Kelly, we have lost track of how many men you have acquired on a temporary basis! But rest assured, we always find out when you change them.


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One Response to “Have We Got You WORRIED Mam Lovely?”

  1. Aki Says:

    I wonder why you refer Kelly parsons as a she instead of he? Just wondering. Anyway, it seems that lovely mandapat don’t care about these government agencies {i.e.,HLURB-CAR). She is not complying to their demands. HLURB-CAR had already written her to repay my money but up to this date i did not receive any letters or calls on how and when she will refund it.

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