Benguet Green Meadows : How and What to Complain About to Mayor Galwan of La Trinidad

Buyers who have paid their money but cannot get BBGMFI, BGMHOA or Lovely Ladignon De Vera a.k.a. Lovely Ladignon Mandapat to transfer a titled lot to them should be filing complaint letters with Mayor Galwan of La Trinidad, and copying those complaints to Enrique Lando of the Municipal Planning and Development Office.


Buyers should remember that Mayor Galwn has already issued one Order which led to a coordinated campaign with HLURB-CAR earlier this year to identify and publicly list all those developers in La Trindad who are operating illegally without a License to Sell.


No great surprize that BBGMFI are on that list, so we are sure that Mayor Galwan will endeavour to help agrieved buyers in what ever way he is legally permitted.


In essense the complaint letter should identify that the buyer was enticed by Lovely Ladignon De Vera, using the name Lovely Ladignon Mandapat, Lovely Ladignon, Lovely Lapuz etc and/or NEJ Social Services Foundation Inc. and /or Baguio-Benguet Green Meadows Foundation Inc (name any officers involved, such as Kelly Parsons if applicable) to enroll in an alleged Community Mortgage Program project named Benguet Green Meadows Phase (buyer to insert number as appropriate) located at Bato, Longlong, Puguis, La Trinidad, and encouraged to keep paying amounts for that same project up until the time that the buyer had completely paid his/her installaments. Buyers should identify their allocated lot number and provide a development plan if they have a copy – this is important because lots may have been double sold and this will become evident to Mayor Galwan as more complaints are filed. Similarly the lot you have been allocated may be discovered to lie in the vicinity the DENR-MGB identifed fault line in which case you will not be permitted to construct a house on that lot!


The buyer should submit evidence that payment has taken place, and if applicable also identify any receipts that in hindsight appear to be falsified BIR receipts because the numbers appear to have been hand stamped and do not correspond with the booklet numbers identified in the receipt.


(We believe that most receipts issued from September 2002 to the end of 2002 and maybe up to the end of March 2003 originated from NEJSSFI official BIR receipt books but they were illegally tampered with and altered (without the knowledge of NEJSSFI) by having the foundation title and address changed and new numbers handstamped on them. This amounts to criminal fraud and is a very serious offense as far as the BIR and Government housing agencies are concerned.) Any officers or employees of BBGMFI who signed those tampered receipts as an alleged authorized signatory (irrespective of who actually carried out the tampering), which would include Gay Marie Mandapat Ragasa and Red Reyes based on the issued receipts that we have seen to date, would be liable to criminal prosecution.)


The complaint should then identify that having paid those installments and requested transference of a title (buyer to provide Mayor with details in the complaint), such requests were answered with untruthful excuses or invalid reasons for delay for not being able to transfer the title.


The complaint should then identify that further to inquiries, it was discovered that the project had not been issued with an ECC by DENR-EMB, had not been issued a Development Permit by the Municipal Government, had not been granted land conversion by DAR-CAR, there were encumbrances anotated on the TCTs that prevented transference of title, there was a geohazard fault line running through the project site, a road right of way to the National Highway had not been acquired, no License to Sell had been issued by HLURB-CAR, that according to the HLURB website, even the homeowners association that they had been presuaded to join was no longer validly registered, that it would seem that Lovely Ladignon De Vera wa still married to a certain Christopher Tobias De Vera and she could not therefore legally claim to have the name Lovely Ladignon Mandapat, in which case there would appear to be criminal use of a false alias name and/or criminal bigamy.


It should also be mentioned that it was discovered that she had previously been arrested in Baguio City in January 2002 (use copy of NBI arrest records) under the name Lovely Ladignon De Vera for several outstanding warrants of arrest for violation of BP22, and that at the same time she had been falsely using the name Lovely Mandapat when representing herself to Mayor Fongwan, then Vice-Mayor Galwan, Henry Kipas and Enrigue Lando, all as can be ascertained by reference to Benguet Green Meadows project files kept by Enrique Lando.


(Remember buyers, it is not just you that she has hoodwinked with her false alias name – she also conned La Trinidad Government offiicals – to avoid embarrassment they will want to help you before your scam problem goes public)


As a consequence it was clear that (the buyer – insert name) had been totally deceived into enrolling in a fraudulently operated CMP project by a person who appeared to be hiding behind a false alias name.


The complaint letter should conclude by requesting the Mayor to intervene and coordinate with the various Government housing agencies and the SEC Baguio Extension Branch so that an urgent coordinated investigation of BBGMFI and the Benguet Green Meadows project is carried out such that not only are the interests of buyers properly protected by imposing sanctions to preserve any amounts still contained within the accounts held by BBGMFI, NEJSSFI and BGMHOA, but also so that the general public is publicly warned to be wary about dealing with BBGMFI and Lovely Ladignon De Vera a.k.a Lovely Mandapat etc, and also such that Government agencies may jointly ascertain the extent of any criminal violation of laws that necessitate the filing of criminal charges with the assistance of the NBI.


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