Benguet Green Meadows Phases II & III

Buyers of lots in Benguet Green Meadows Phase III should not rely on what they are being told by the BBGMFI crowd. Mam Lovely and Mr. “Kelly Parsons” are big on words but not big on action.

Phase III buyers should be wise like some of the Phase I buyers who have carried out checks with the various Government agencies.

Phase I buyers have already discovered that there is a problem with the land title and no permits etc. HLURB have issued demand letters to BBGMFI/Mandapat ordering her to repay Phase I buyers.

Phase III buyers should ask themselves the following question:

“How are we going to get access to Phase III? We cannot get it through Phase I because that is the subject of a land ownership dispute and it has no development permits so no access road can be built to get to our area. Oh yes, and as Mandapat has not answered her summons on that land dispute that will really create a problem for us. We cannot get access through Phase IB (Golden Crest Villas) because they have the same access problem through Phase I. We cannot even get access to the National Road, because the rough track leading to that road is owned by many different land owners and is not yet a legally adopted barangay road, and Mam Lovely has not even spoken with any of these land owners in order to negotiate and acquire a road right of way to our Phase III site, and the local resident farmers hate her because she arrogantly bulldozed their strawberry crops and did not compensate them.”

Wanna know why Mandapat dos not want to answer that summons?

It´s because she does not want to be questioned on why she uses the surname Mandapat instead of her real legally recognised name of Lovely Ladignon De Vera and why she has had TCTs registered in the false alias name “Lovely L. Mandapat, married to Roehl Mandapat” which would also be a bigamous marriage (if it ever took place), and again she can be questioned on that too in Court.

So it looks like you buyers are going to have to wait a very “long long” time until you can get your hands on a titled lot in LONGLONG.

Phase 3 buyers should also carefully check the following:

1.  Go to the Municipal Planning and Development Office and find out if any Development Permit has  been issued – you cannot get one of these if you do not have a road right of way!

2. Go to DAR and see if land conversion from agricultural use has been granted

3. Go to DENR-EMB and see if an Environmental Clearance Certificate has been issued. You cannot get one of these for a subdivision project if you do not yet have land conversion granted.

4. Go to the Registry of Deeds and find out who really owns the Phase III land. Find out if any encumbrances are anotated on the titles that prevent it from being subdivided and transferred to you. If you are not the registered landowner it is difficult to get any permits etc!

5. If you see the name Abraham Borreta involved in any land sales or purchases – that violates the Judicial Code of Conduct – report it to the Supreme Court.

6. Go to HLURB and find out if a License to Sell has been issued.

If there are anomalies on any of these required permits and certifications you should file a complaint with HLURB just like the Phase I buyers.

Anyone who is unfortunate to have paid any money for a Phase II lot – that was cancelled because the land owner Benjamin Garcia did not know his land was involved and he told the Municipal Government about it. He´s the guy who is disputing the Phase I land ownership!

Good luck buyers – and remember, the sooner you identify the anomalies, file a complaint and stop paying money to BBGMFI, the sooner you will stop losing your money!

Its your money, its your choice.


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