Golden Crest Villas (Formerly Benguet Green Meadows Phase 1B)

Lot buyers at Golden Crest Villas may be wondering why they are making no progress.

Well the main rason is that you have no road right of way access for two reasons. There is a land ownership dispute at Phase I which will take many many years to resolve because Mandapat has not answered her summons, and that rough muddy track you walked down when you went to look at the site is not a barangay road (if that is what they told you then they lied), and until it is or you have negotiated with all the land owners along its path you are not going to have a road right of way!

As for that supposed agreed right of way through Phase 1 that Lovely Mandapat and Daphne Molintas were involved in back in 2003, we suggest you read it very carefully.

Perhaps you need to ask Daphne whether she or Lovely Mandapat had the authority of the registered land owner, Philippine National Bank, to execute that 2003 easement document.

If you have any doubts about the answer she gives you, and she should answer you by showing you a legally notarised authority document issued by PNB then that easement document isn´t worth the paper it is written on, and we would suggest you file a complaint with HLURB because in that scenario it will have been used as a false instrument to entice you to buy your lot.


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