Mam Lovely – We Dont Believe Your Sweet Talk Anymore

Below is the latest garbage posted on Mam Lovely´s new website

Are you wondering how come these people behind the blog site ( use this kind of method in doing “paninira” on certain people like Lovely Lapuz Mandapat? I know these people are just “inggit” because their business is not doing well compared to Lovely Ladignon Mandapat or maybe a certain individual hired these people to do such a thing in order to do and say bad things about Lovely Ladignon Mandapat? Are blogs sites nowadays are that reliable compared to the traditional newspapers? I think not! Do people read news posted in blog sites? The answer is NO unless a proven article screenshot provided that came from a very reliable sources unless some people faked it like what they are doing on the BBGMFI WordPress Blog Site. I have provided here some reliable screenshots taken from a news clip that people behind the controversial BBGMFI WordPress Blog Site are ordered by the court not to write or say anything against Lovely Lapuz Mandapat. That’s why they switched to blogging thinking it’s a good thing but of course not reliable.”

Well Firstly, Mam Lovely, that news clip has nothing to do with us. We are just very well informed people.

So keep on guessing – it´s such a reliable method!

Secondly, the news clip was written by Freddie Farres.

Maybe you forgot to read all of our blog posts, Mam Lovely.

If you had, you would have realized that Freddie and Odell presented evidence in your libel case against Mr.Vallejo but you did not win your libel case and their evidence was considered to have no relevance because it was not supported with any facts, and according to court transcripts you had placed an advert in The Junction around about the same time that you got them to testify on your behalf – coincidence or what!

So it would seem that newspaper articles are not as reliable as you would like to claim.

Conversely, our blogsite provides reliable copies of public documents that have been used by lot buyers to file complaints.

Unfortunately, Freddie and Odell´s reputations are also rather tarnished in the Baguio area, because they have a habit of filing nuisance complaints against government officers that get rejected by the Ombudsman etc because they quite simply have no valid basis.

We have just read some very silly ones filed against Rebecca Torres on the following website

We fell over laughing at how pathetic and childish they were.

Where is the graft and corruption Freddie and Odell – we can´t see any evidence presented of any.

All we can see is a government officer trying to arrange meetings and two parties who can´t turn up to the meeting!

If Freddie and Odell want to make a difference then they should point their venom at the subdivision developer.

Oh, and by the way Mam Lovely, Freddie was interested in pursuing a complaint on your projects – would you like us to put the rest of that comment from Freddie on our blogsite?

We do hope that your pals Freddie and Odell are not foolishly filing a complaint against Rebecca Torres (Dreamland) just because she is hassling you on Green Meadows.

They are not going to look very smart when the Ombudsman hears about the links between you, Freddie and Odell!

Thirdly, Mam Lovely, read the comments provided by no less than Freddie Farres himself on our blog site – YOU WROTE AN ARTICLE PRAISING YOURSELF IN HIS NEWSPAPER.

That means that you may have written the one that is currently shown on you new blogsite – so how reliable can that article be?

The article you have put on your blog site has no credibility – it is like “you scratch my back and I´ll scratch yours!!!

Fourthly, Mam Lovely fails to understand that the court order she is referring to has no relevance.

Has Mam Lovely, as she claims, obtained a court order “not to write or say anything against Lovely Lapuz Mandapat”, the name mentioned in her blogsite?

The answer quite simply is NO

Come to think of it, that is a new false alias name that we haven´t heard before!

So Mam Lovely is not very reliable when it comes to reading articles about herself and reading court orders, but she is still very reliable at INVENTING NEW ALIAS NAMES!

But thanks for drawing our attention to that article using the name Lovely Ladignon de Vera that was written in the April edition of the Junction, it is very useful evidence of falsification given that you used the false alias name Lovely Ladignon Mandapat during the same period in several public documents. Not so smart are you Lovely!

We suppose you could potentially go back to court and ask for some adjustment to your MYTHICAL court order, but then you would need to prove your new identity was legally valid. And we do not think you would risk doing that Mam Lovely – because you would be challenged!!!

No court would give an order to protect someone who is using a false alias name or selling a subdivision project that has no permits, no ECC, no license to sell, has a geohazard running through the middle of the site, has lis pendens on the titles, and some of the land is still owned by others.

Instead Mam Lovely, and by all means try if you are brave or foolish enough, the Court will order your arrest and send you to jail!!!!!!

The bad news Mam Lovely is that very shortly that arrest warrant is going to be issued. You can have our assurance on this – the wheels are now in motion.

Now lets get back to that use of false alias names, Mam Lovely.

Why do you put five names at the top of your blog page :-

“Lovely de Vera, Lovely Ladignon, Lovely Mandapat, Lovely Ladignon Mandapat, Lovely Lapuz”
It sort of gives the “false name” game away if we may say so.                                                                                                                                                              
Perhaps you should now add the name Lovely Lapuz Mandapat.  
Having problems remembering what your real name is?      
Which one of them is your legally recognized name, Mam Lovely?    
Isn´t it Lovely Ladignon de Vera?             
So why not get rid of the other names on the list and stop cheating the buyers. 
Hey, come to think of it, maybe you are right Mam Lovely, and your surname really is Mandapat.
But if that was true you would not waste your time putting garbage newspaper articles on your blog site , would you. 
Instead, you could simply put a copy of your Mandapat marriage certificate on the blog site, as well as your court anulment of your de Vera marriage. 
Are you a cowardly custard Mam Lovely or are you willing to use your blog site to prove your identity and that you have not committed bigamy, perjury and filed falsified court cases against several people? 
Hey, we can see that you know how to scan newspaper pages and upload them to your blogsite – so how come it is so difficult to put your anulment and marriage certificate there as well?                                                          
But, then as you yourself have said, is a blogsite more reliable than a newspaper?                                                                                                                                                             
Better still, perhaps you can publish them in the Junction Newspaper!
That way you can be sure that being a reliable newpaper everyone will believe them to be true documents. 
By the way, how is your “spouse ” Roehl now that you have stolen a married man from his wife? 
Do you confess your adultery each time you appear on your Mission TV show? How could anyone ever have any faith in you! 
Finally, Mam Lovely, when are you going to reply to the complaint letter issued by HLURB-CAR?
If you don´t do it soon you will get into even bigger trouble!                                                                                   
Alpha Phi Beta rhymes with Borreta. We know who else it rhymes with.                                                                                                                          
As we have said before Mam Lovely, we get to know everything about you!    
And our information is reliable unlike your false alias name and the Junction newspaper.



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One Response to “Mam Lovely – We Dont Believe Your Sweet Talk Anymore”

  1. Juan Says:

    Buhay na buhay pa yang swindler na yan sa Baguio! Iba na naman ang ginagamit nyang pangalan sa ngayon! Elle Lapus. Kasi masyado na nyang nagasgas ang de vera, ladignon, lapuz, mandapat. Sooner gagamitin nya na rin ang luihllier na apelyido, dahil naanakan sya ng security guard ng M luihllier pawnshop na inaangkin na rin nila. Makikita rin sa kanyang mga profiles like facebook, twitter, etc etc na gumagamit sya ng mga religious quotes and sayings para mapagtakpan ang kanyang kasamaan! Nakatira yan sa Bakakeng, madaling huntingin! Nakakapagtaka lang kung bkit nkkpagabroad pa ang swindler na yan?! At ang mga activities nya sa ngayon ay in line sa mga dental/ medical activities! Aba aba, kung marami na syang napatay sa sama ng loob sa pamamagitan ng pagsimot ng bulsa, hindi imposibleng pumatay yan ng tao dahilan sa medical impractice para makahuthot ng perang ipalalamon nya sa pamilya nya, mga lalake nya at mga anak nyang iba iba ang tatay bawat bata! Atsaka xempre kelanfan nya ng kwarta na pamparetoke sa mukha nya!

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