Mam Lovely Has Not Paid Landowner Eduardo Jimenez

The latest news is that one of the Benguet Green Meadows landowners, Eduardo Jimenez, has filed a complaint because he was not paid by Botteta and Mandapat.

Wow, that is going to get very interesting when the Supreme Court start their investigation.

A judge using a Special Power of Attorney to execute a Deed of Sale in favor of a person using a false alIas name “Lovely Ladignon Mandapat”, and he does not collect the purchase money from her and pass the money onto the landowner.

We think a judge that engages in those kind of Judicial Code of Conduct violating deals and assists a person using a false alias name to commit estafa is not going to be a judge for much longer.

Unless, of course, Mam Lovely falsified the judge´s signature on the Deed of Sale.

But we will get to know that when Borreta files his defense affidavit with the Supreme Court.

How many more landowners have not been paid yet?

Well the bad news for Mam Lovely is that those landowners will shortly be contacted by government agencies and asked.

Time is running out for you Mam Lovely. The game is up.


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