Brief History or should that read Great Mystery? (Update 1 – with improved documents)

On the “Lovely Ladignon Mandapat” website, a somewhat MISLEADING brief history has been written.

Because its content is both MISLEADING AND CONFUSING, we feel that it needs correcting so that readers will not be misled or fooled by Lovely Ladignon Mandapat, or Lovely Ladignon de Vera as she is more correctly recognized by the National Statistics Office.   

She claims “The organization begun in the year 2000, headed by Lovely L. Mandapat, as the coordinating body for the launching of the Community Mortgage Program then endorsed by author Sen. Rodolfo G. Bizaon during his visit to the Cordillera region in July 2000.”.

This is entirely UNTRUE.

BBGMFI was begun in September 2002.

Perhaps she is getting confused with NEJ Services Foundation, albeit that foundation was not begun in 2000, but several years earlier, and was not headed by Lovely L. Mandapat, but instead headed by Melania Benito. In fact, according to SEC Assistant Director Gerardo F. Del Rosario of the Corporate Filings and Records Division, there was no reported board trustee named Lovely Ladignon Mandapat or Lovely Ladignon de Vera or Lovely Ladignon or Lovely Lapuz.

Indeed, there was no such legally recognised person as Lovely L. Mandapat in the year 2000, as evidenced by her own self-incriminating testimony before both Judge Pamintuan of RTC Branch 3 and the Supreme Court, because she was instead named Lovely Ladignon de Vera!

She got married to Christopher Tobias de Vera in a civil marriage ceremony before Mayor Julius Cesar V. Vergara of Cabanatuan City on 25 February 1999.

So, Mam Lovely, we challenge you to upload the notarized and legally valid authority that had been granted to you, following the appropriate board of trustees resolution, to act as CMP Coordinator and collector of beneficiary installment payments on behalf of NEJ Social Services Foundation Inc.

Are you brave enough to accept our challenge or are you a wimp that LIES and CHEATS. If you do not upload your authorization, the latter comment clearly applies to you.

And don’t forget, Mam Lovely, even if you DECEIVED NEJSSFI into giving you such authorization under your FALSE ALIAS NAME Lovely Ladignon Mandapat, it would clearly not be legally valid and would constitute a CRIMINAL OFFENSE!  

Nevermind, Mam Lovely, either your memory was so poor that you could not remember what your real name was or you have a LARGE CAPACITY FOR LYING.

Spelling the Senator’s name so badly will not do you any favors Mam Lovely. Can you not recall the time a couple of years ago when he was on National TV angrily remonstrating with a security guard who would not let his vehicle take a short cut thru a compound and he very irately siad “Don’t you know who I am?” 

What is this bullshit about authoring by Senator Biazon and endorsement in a July 2000 visit? No such visit or endrosement took place.

Start reading the old Borreta documents again Mam Lovely!

She then claims “Its involvement covered the validation of the possible sites, groundworking, LGU networking, orientation and educational campaign for potential beneficiaries.”

Pure gobbledygook Mam Lovely.

Again go back and read those Borreta project documents.

Borreta initiated the project as Pabahay Ni Erap DILG-PNP Housing Project and it was intended to be carried out by Galaxy Homes! See below.



But notice how Borreta was FALSELY claiming to be “Attorney-in-fact” for the landowners, given that he did not secure Special Powers of Attorney from various landowners until two years later in May 2002. Either that or Borreta deliberately hid the existence of even more Judicial Code of Conduct violating SPAs when he was being investigated by the Supreme Court.

How can the Supreme Court and Chief Justice Puno tolerate such a falsifying and criminally minded judge?

Then Mam Lovely claims “By late 2001 and early 2002, documentary requirements for the 1st CMP Project in the region had been completed, to include the organization of community associations, equity requirements and the commencement of beneficiary0financed site development for the project site located in Longlong, La Trinidad, Benguet.”

Again, pure bullshit Mam Lovely.

How could documentary requirements have been completed when Mam Lovely had not secured a development permit, an ECC, been granted land conversion by DAR, and she had not secured any public road right of way between the project site and the national highway?

Indeed, hasn’t Mam Lovely forgotten that Judge Borreta did not secure Special Powers of Attorney, albeit in contradiction of his obligations under the Judicial Code of Conduct, until May 2002, and these would have been necessary submissions before she could validly obtain any project permits and clearances etc!

So, given the mess that Mam Lovely got into on Benguet Green Meadows,  it seems that she DIDN’T HAVE A CLUE how to organise a CMP project properly, which would perhaps reflect her total lack of construction knowledge and experience at that time.

Yes Mam Lovely is correct to state that site development commenced, but she FAILED to tell everyone that it was ILLEGAL COMMENCEMENT, two Notices of Violation were issued, and most of the excavated slope areas subsequently suffered from landslides which from an engineering point of view means those slopes will be unsafe to build on for several years!

Oh deary me,  not a good idea to name drop Senator Biazon in connection with violation of Philipine laws, is it Mam Lovely?

We don’t think he will be too impressed.

Neither were La Trinidad Government officials impressed when Mam Lovely and Daphne Molintas-Peredo tried to use Biazon’s name to bully them into issuing a permit even though their NEJSSFI documentary submissions were deficient.

Further, as the January 2002 DENR-MGB Geohazard Report identified that there was a fault line running through Phase 1, the site would fail to qualify for inclusion as a CMP project under NHFMC regulations!

Perhaps Mam Lovely forgets that one of the main purposes of RA7279 and the Community Mortgage Program is to move benficiaries away from geohazard areas!

Under Section 6.3 of the Guidelines for the Inventory and Identification of Lands and Sites for Socialized Housing enacted pursuant to Section 40 of RA7279, the proposed site shall not require excessive leveling, cutting and filling, sites requiring excessive engineering works shall be avoided, sites on steep slopes and/or on weak soil foundation shall not be considered and earthquake zones shall be AVOIDED.

The CMP guidelines published on the NHFMC website also identify that the proposed project must have complied with exisiting laws.

Thus, the law violation caused by the ILLEGAL commencement of site development work and issue of two Notices of Violation indicates that it can no longer get NHFMC approval. 

The proposed CMP site clearly FAILED TO COMPLY with RA7279 on several counts.

That Report identified that “depending on magnitude of seismicity, this may result in severe damage on properties including human lives, if no preventive measures are undertaken.” and “the probable occurrence of ground rupture on the project site is likely to occur in case of strong earthquake because of a fault traversing the project site. In addition, differential settlement and slope failure are also expected.” It also identified that the Mirador Fault was located nearby and made several recommendations which were required to be strictly observed. These included using the area traversed by the fault as open space, relocating the proposed salable lots to a more stable area, testing of friable and porous excavated materials before re-use as fill, “engineered fill” to be carried out using appropriate compaction testing, construction of silt dam downslope and all cut slopes should be properly protected as soon as possible. All of those engineering safety and environmental measures are costly, and many were not implemented. Nor was the work properly monitored for engineering compliance by government agencies because it was being carried out illegally. Has Mandapat, NEJ, Borreta or BBGMFI informed the socialized housing beneficiaries of this fault line that has been identified by DENR-MGB? Have DENR-MGB and NHFMC ordered punitive action to address non-compliance with the safety recommendations of the geohazard report and if not, why not?

So are we not correct Mam Lovely that, because of the non-compliant geohazard and your failure to secure any development permit, ECC or land conversion, you have not yet obtained any CMP approval for this project from NHFMC or SHFC?

Come on Mam Lovely, tell all of your website readers the REAL TRUTH.

And if so Mam Lovely, why have you been ILLEGALLY collecting money off CMP beneficiaries and before you have obtained a HLURB License to Sell? Read all of the HLURB-CAR lists of Issued Licenses to Sell that we have provided Links for In the Blogroll and you will that Benguet Green Meadows, Loakan Green Meadows and Baguio-Benguet Green Meadows Foundation Inc. are not menetioned. The  read the Lonk we have provided for HLURB guidelines on License to Sell.

And why have you not told the beneficiaries about this rather major geohazard problem?

Mam Lovely then states “In August 2002, a property was referred to the organization’s office as a potential on-site CMP Project. Located within the City of Baguio at Barangay Loakan, it is presently the 1st On-site CMP in the region.”

But the “organization” was not BBGMFI as inferred by her writing.

Instead it was NEJ Social Services Foundation Inc., and according to our checks with the SEC Manila, Gerry del Rosario Mam Lovely was most definitely not a board trustee of that foundation.

Mam Lovely, again suffering from her very poor memory has forgotten about all the August 2002 documents linking NEJSSFI to the Loakan project! 

Tut tut tut, Mam Lovely, is there no honesty in you at all?

Mam Lovely then states “The organizers incorporated themselves into a foundation in order to be of better service to the beneficiaries they had assisted to become part of the program, and in response to the challenge of the local government units of the need for a “homegrown” originator for CMP Projects in the Cordillera.”

That is not exactly true, is it Mam Lovely?

Isn’t the correct story that you had a falling out with Melania Benito of NEJ Social Services Foundation because of the ILLEGAL commencement problems and lack of permits at the Benguet Green Meadows site and the way you were collecting and expending the money being paid by beneficiaries, and as a result you had no option but to commence a new foundation, which you chose to name BBGMFI? 

So there you have it – Mam Lovely isn’t very good at history, but SHE IS RATHER GOOD AT MAKING UP CONFUSING STORIES.


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5 Responses to “Brief History or should that read Great Mystery? (Update 1 – with improved documents)”

  1. Adrian Pamintuan Says:

    Since this criminal uses different alias names it would serve the public well if you can provide photographs of her, if possible, shot in different angles. I suggest that each article you post about this person’s illegal activities should be accompanied by a clear and large photograph so that the readers will recognize her immediately even if she doesn’t introduce herself as such and such.

  2. eloise dacanay Says:

    kung talagang seryoso kayo na kasohan si Justice Borreta at Lovely, makipag ugnayan kayo sa mga totoong tao,

  3. eloise dacanay Says:

    isa pa, totoo ba na buhay pa si ben garcia, pangalawa, napag alaman namin sa Register of Deeds-Local, sa La Trinidad Benguet, na nai transfer ang mga titulo sa pamamagitn ng SPA ni Purita Llorente kay Justice Borreta (as of present nasa Court of Appeals siya, at kasalukuyan na naka destino sa Visayas, at siya ngayon ay Justice na, nasa Cebyu siya ngayon, pwede kayong magtanong sa Court of appeals,) pero binawi ni nrs llorente ang SPA na ito, dahil hindi tumupad si Borreta sa usapan nila (may Memorandum of agreement silang dalawa ni mrs. llorente na siya ay bayaran ng 700.00 pesos kada square meters pero ni sentimo wala siyang binayaran, at hinahamon ko sino man na maglabas ng katunayan na may binayaran o tumupad si borreta sa memorandum of agreement dito, may dokumento rin klaming magpapatunay na may usapan in writting si borreta at mrs. llorente, na si borreta ay magiging seller ni mrs. llorente sa mga lupa niya na located sa longlong, la trinidad, habang siya ay judge pa diyan sa benguet, na ito ay bawal dahil cliente ni borreta si mrs llorente as complainant sa kasong BP 22)

  4. eloise dacanay Says:

    baka hindi nyo alam ang mas malalilim pang katotohanan patungkol sa lupang yan, at saka sa lovely ladignon na yan, at justice Borreta, na sila ang sanhi ng pag kawasak ng maraming pamilya dahil sa kanilang kasakiman

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