The Registration of Benguet Green Meadows Foundation Inc. (Update 1 – with improved documents)

Based on Mam Lovely’s SELF-INCRIMINATING sworn testimony before Judge Pamintuan of RTC Branch 3 Baguio City that she married Roehl Mandapat in October 2002, the FALSE ALIAS NAME Lovely Ladignon-Mandapat was clearly FRAUDULENTLY AND CRIMINALLY used one month earlier to FALSELY register and incorporate Baguio-Benguet Green Meadows Foundation Inc. (BBGMFI) with the Securities and Exchange Commission Baguio Branch on 10 September 2002, which was supported by a Community Tax Certificate (also using the FALSE ALIAS NAME Mandapat) in Baguio City dated 15 May 2002.

Subsequently, Mam Lovely used that CRIMINALLY FALSIFIED registration of BBGMFI to FALSELY AND FRAUDULENTLY support the HLURB registration of  a homeowners association, Loakan Green Meadows Homeowners Association Inc. 

Based on that SELF-INCRIMINATING sworn testimony of Mam Lovely, and by association as her “spouse-to-be”, Roehl Gapol Mandapat, as a joint incorporator of BBGMFI, was also a party to that FALSIFIED registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which would be a CRIMINAL OFFENSE violating the Corporation Code and various Exchange Rules and Regulations.

The incorporating Treasurer of BBGMFI, Roehl Gapol Mandapat, was the boyfriend being referred to in the January 2003 Ladignon Supreme Court sworn testimony, albeit unbeknown to the Supreme Court (because of the DECEPTION used by Judge Borreta when FAILING TO DISCLOSE to the Supreme Court his sale of the Dizon lands to “Mandapat”), he had already been claimed to be her spouse in a Deed of Absolute Sale executed earlier in their favor by Borreta on 27 September 2002.

The incorporating Secretary of BBGMFI, Gay Marie Mandapat Ragasa, is Roehl’s sister. She is the spouse of Pepito Ragasa.

Jonathan Vergara Lacambra, an employee of Saint Louis University, Baguio City was an incorporating board trustee.

Pepito Ragasa, Gay Ragasa and Lacambra all appear on a Vergara Clan Family Tree posted on the Internet, as does Bernardo Vergara, who introduced the project to City Hall employees.

Did ex-Mayor Vergara have a CONFLICT OF INTEREST that he should have disclosed to his City Hall employees?

Was he inappropriately promoting family interests by using his influence as a government official?

Lyn Ladignon Manalaysay and Leona Ladignon Lebadia, sisters of Lovely Ladignon de Vera, were also named as incorporating trustees.

As Mam Lovely’s relatives, and being knowledgable of her marital status, Lyn Manalaysay and Leona Lebadia  were also party to that CRIMINALLY FALSIFIED AND FRAUDULENT incorporation and registration of BBGMFI using the FALSE ALAIS NAME Lovely Ladignon-Mandapat.

This means that six out of twelve trustees of the CRIMINALLY FALSELY registered BBGMFI were closely related and controlled all of the Officer positions.

This high proportion of relatives as trustees and officers is clearly VERY UNUSUAL for a Non-Government Organization, being more normal for a family business corporation, and should have been questioned by the Securities and Exchange before the registration was appproved.

However, we consider that it is never too late for the SEC to investigate such a high proportion of family related trustees.

Daphne Molintas and Joselito O. Peredo were also incorporating trustees.

Molintas, who perhaps ought to have been using her legally recognized married surname of Peredo in the SEC registration, most probably had a CONFLICT OF INTEREST as she was also the Secretary of Benguet Green Meadows Homeowners Association Inc. (BGMHOA).

How could she fairly represent the members of the homeowners association when she was also representing BBGMFI?

Her husband Joselito is the brother of Emmanuel Peredo, Jr., who was the President of BGMHOA.

Again there was a CONFLICT OF INTEREST  that could potentially ADVERSELY AFFECT the interests of other BGMHOA members such as the City Hall employees who filed a civil complaint against Mandapat and Borreta.

A 23 June 2003 letter copied to the Securities and Exchange Commission Baguio Branch advised the resignation from BBGMFI of Daphne Molintas and Joselito Peredo, stating Peredo HAD NOT SIGNED the SEC registration. See below.

However, the Articles of Incorporation and the By-Laws forming part of the SEC registration had been signed, albeit strangely TWO SIGNIFICANTLY DIFFERING SIGNATURES were affixed against his name on each form, which also DIFFERED SIGNIFICANTLY from the resignation letter signature. See below.

Even the signatures for Daphne Molintas and Lyn Ladignon Manalaysay affixed to the Articles of Incorporation DIFFERED from those affixed to the By-Laws.

Given that De Vera used two different signatures on the forms that she completed when she was arrested on 24 January 2002 by the NBI in Baguio City and Cabanatuan City, are we surprised to see the use of different signatures above?


Why did the Securities and Exchange Commission Baguio Branch FAIL TO INVESTIGATE the use of two clearly different and probably FALSIFIED signatures that clearly differed from the resignation letter signature?

Gay Ragasa resigned from BBGMFI in June 2003 but her name and signature continued to be used ILLEGALLY to certify board resolutions.

This did not become known to the Securities and Exchange Commission Baguio Branch until January 2004 when the SEC reminded BBGMFI that it could not pass and certify resolutions etc without a valid corporate secretary.

In a 5 February 2004 Secretary’s Certificate, BBGMFI advised the SEC that its replacement Secretary was Michael Ducusin and re-issued earlier invalid board resolutions with his secretary’s certification.

However, the Securities and Exchange Commission Baguio Branch did not check the matter thoroughly enough and FAILED TO NOTICE that pursuant to the BBGMFI By-Laws only a board trustee was allowed to be elected Secretary.

Ducusin was not a board trustee according to the later BBGMFI General Information Sheet (GIS) dated 6 February 2004 submitted by Lovely L. Ladignon Mandapat to the SEC, so he could bot be elected to the position of Secretary. See below.


BBGMFI therefore continued to operate ILLEGALLY with an invalid corporate secretary and board resolutions certified by Ducusin have NO LEGAL VALIDITY.

The SEC Baguio needs to act on anomaly and NULLIFY OR VOID invalidly and ILLEGALLY certified board resolutions passed at meetings that have also been INVALIDLY notified by Ducusin.

Despite her resignation, Gay Ragasa still has connections with BBGMFI. The Friendster website identifies that she is a “friend” of Kelly Parsons who is the Head Beneficiary Relations Officer at BBGMFI.

The 7 February 2004 General Information Sheet submitted to Baguio SEC identified there were only 5 No. BBGMFI board trustees remaining even though the Articles of Incorporation required 12 positions to be filled.

Why did the Securities and Exchange Commission Baguio Branch not address this substantial corporate board trustee DEFICIENCY and order BBGMFI to comply with its own Articles? It would seem that BBGMFI did not have enough board trustees to form a quorum. If so then no resolutions including the election of Michael Ducusin as Secretary could be validly passed and those that were will be ILLEGAL.

What a corporate mess! Why doesn’t the Securities and Exchange Commission Baguio Branch notice such badly run corporations and punish them? 

The GIS contained many other ANOMALIES OR FALSIFICATIONS and clearly had not been properly completed, yet the Securities and Exchange Commission Baguio Branch did not order it to be corrected.

Mandapat inserted the fgure “5” in the box provided for her to insert the the “Total Annual Compensation During the Preceding Fiscal Year for Trustees” and the figure “7” against the box for “Managers/Officers”. Clearly those figures were UNTRUE.

Further, most of the “Officer” positions listed in the GIS did not exist in the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws and thus would not legally exist from an SEC point of view.

It seems that Mam Lovely did not know how to properly run a corporation in accordance with SEC Rules and Regulations. She was ILLEGALLY appointing people as Officers even though those Officer positions had not been submitted to the SEC for approval.

How could the Securities and Exchange Commission  Baguio Branch tolerate a claimed NGO whose only remaining trustees were the family related Lovely Ladignon-Mandapat, Lyn Ladignon Manalaysay, Leona Ladignon Lebadia, Laarni Lapuz Ladignon and Roehl Gapol Mandapat (subject to provision of a valid de Vera marriage Court annulment and Mandapat marriage certificate), and resembled a family business corporation?

According to the Cabanatuan Electric Corporation (CELCOR) website, a person named Laarni L. Ladignon is Assistant Head, Billing. Inquiries identify that her sister is named Lovely. See below.

Why did Lovely Ladignon-Mandapat FALSELY advise the SEC Baguio thru a submitted GIS that a person named Laarni Lapuz Ladignon resided at 112 Montebello Village, Bakakeng, Baguio City – a long way from Cabanatuan – which STRANGELY was also reported to be the residential address of Manalaysay, Ducusin and Lebadia?

But it would seem that Leona Lebadia also did not actually reside at Montebello Village because she made an inquiry to the Commission on Higher Education that indicates that instead she lived at Severino Apartments, Purok 6, San Josef Norte, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija. (See below)

The Securities and Exchange Commission Baguio Branch  need to act on a probable residence reporting FALSIFICATION and perhaps further inquire directly with Laarni Ladignon at her office telephone number, 44 4630408 to clarify whether she is actually involved in the operations of BBGMFI and if she has a place of residence in Baguio.

Perhaps Mam Lovely has also forgotten about the letter written by “L. L. Lebadia that was sent to and published by the Baguio Midland Courier on 25 April 2004. See below.

Mam Lovely, if “L. L. Lebadia” lives in Nueva Ecija, then how can that person have “lived in Baguio City for ten years” or be qualified to be a socialized housing “lotless” beneficiary at Benguet Green Meadows. Please explain.

Mam Lovely, we have already checked the residency records of Leona Ladignon Lebadia for Cabanatuan City too, so we know that the letter and the addresses used in the GIS form are FALSIFIED.

The surname Lebadia also indicates that the person is quite probably related to Lovely Ladignon de Vera, and thus any actual inclusion in the Benguet Green Meadows CMP project would seem IMPROPER.

Alternatively, Mam Lovely, was that a FALSIFIED letter sent to the Baguio Midland Courier, and is that why you were unable to use L. L. Lebadia as a third party witness when you later sued the Courier for libel? 

Don’t forget, Mam Lovely,  the Courier would have been able to cross-check the letter signature against the one for Leona Lebadia in the BBGMFI Articles of Agreement and file a countersuit against you, would they not?

Either way, the NHFMC and SEC should be jointly investigating the involvement of Lebadia in Benguet Green Meadows and BBGMFI.  Something is clearly not right.

The Vice-President of BGMHOA was stated to be Venus Lapuz Ladignon. See below.

Aside from being the mother of Lovely Ladignon de Vera, the Department of Education employed her as Principal III at Cabiao National High School, Nueva Ecija. See below.


Mam Lovely, we have really done our school “homework” on your FRAUDULENT operations. 

Under RA7279, how could the HLURB and NHFMC possibly consider her to be a validly qualified socialized housing beneficiary member, trustee and officer of a CMP Homeowners Association for a project located in La Trinidad?

Such a CMP project should be prioritized for existing La Trinidad registered low income socialized housing beneficiaries, and not outsiders. Indeed the La Trinidad Municpal Government qualifies issued development permits for socialized housing projects and does not allow people from outside the Cordillera Region to participate.

So how is Mam Lovely going to explain this to the people she has sold lots to who live outside the Cordillera Region?

Further, Venus Ladignon’s involvement as an Officer in BGMHOA created a CONFLICT OF INTEREST with her daughter’s involvement in NEJ and BBGMFI, and which was detrimental to the City Hall beneficiaries who are suing Mandapat and Borreta.

The NHFMC, SHFC and HLURB clearly need to inquire directly with Venus Ladignon to ascertain whether she was actually involved in the operations of BGMHOA, and to determine the extent of FALSIFICATION of documents that has occurred.

After all, given that Venus Ladignon signed a 10 December 2001 letter issued to Senator Biazon and copied to Mayor Fongwan and other government officials that was also signed by Lovely Ladignon-Mandapat and Borreta, then as her mother she would have known the marital status of her daughter and that Ladignon-Mandapat was a FALSE ALIAS NAME being CRIMINALLY, FALSELY AND FRAUDULENTLY used to make reperesentations to a Senator some 10 months before the time that Lovely swore in her self-incriminating testimony before Judge Pamintuan that she married Roehl Mandapat – unless alternatively Venus knows nothing about the letter or BGMHOA and instead the letter itself was FALSIFIED.

Either way, this is a very serious CMP credibility matter for SHFC, NHFMC and HLURB to investigate.

On 26 June 2006, the SEC issued Memorandum Circular No. 08 implementing Revised Guidelines for Foundations.

These guidelines identify that BBGMFI and NEJ are now required to report to the SEC the source and amount of funds, program/activity planned, ongoing and accomplished, application of funds, and to submit a certification from the Office of the Mayor (Baguio City and La Trinidad) on the existence of the subject program/activity (Loakan and Benguet Green Meadows CMP).

The new guidelines also provide that BBGMFI and NEJ shall allow the Commission’s representatives access to its corporate accounting books, records, names of beneficiaries, agreements entered into, correspondence and all pertinent documents for the preceding five years.

Given the existence of a court case in which refunds of money paid are being sought by Benguet Green Meadows CMP beneficiaries, the use of a FALSE ALIAS NAME and the many ANOMALIES OR FALSIFICATIONS identified so far in this weblog, the Securities and Exchange Commission in coordination with the Socialized Housing Finance Corporation and National Home Finance Mortgage Corporation should URGENTLY INVESTIGATE the activities of NEJ and BBGMFI and carry out a FIVE YEAR AUDIT to ascertain whether their funds, including any amounts paid by CMP beneficiaries such as the City Hall employees, have been properly deposited in a bank, expended for an acceptable purpose, and that salaries, disbursements and other allowances of board trustees and officers are not disproportionate to the charitable status of a foundation.



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