Fake CMP Project

Buyers have been sold lots at Benguet Green Meadows on the basis that it is an Off-Site Community Mortgage Program project.

Information on qualifying requirements for an Off-Site CMP can be found on the Social Housing Finance Corporation website at  http://www.shfcph.com/download%20files/Corporate%20Circulars/CMPcircular030.pdf

According to National Home Mortage Finance Corporation Corporate Circular No. CMP-030 dated 10 September 2003:

“An off-site project shall only be considered for CMP based on the following homogenous groupings:

1. Beneficiaries living in danger zones / areas;

2. Benficiaries affected by government infrastructure projects;

3. Beneficiaries with threat of eviction or actual ejectment through a case / court order.”

If a buyer has been sold a lot at the Bneguet Green Meadows CMP and he or she does not meet those criteria then that lot has been sold to that buyer without valid legal basis, and thus the buyer has sufficient grounds to file a complaint against the seller with both the SHFC and HLURB-CAR.

Given the above qualification criteria it should be no surprise to buyers that approval has not been granted for this alleged CMP project.


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