It´s Official – Sunstar Baguio and Baguio Midland Courier reports that HLURB-CAR and Baguio City Council Resolution identify that BBGMFI has no Certificate of Registration and License to Sell!

Now that Mam Lovely has got her hacked blogsite back up and running and she is once again untruthfully claiming that our website is all lies, the following recent newspaper articles demonstrate that the many public documents referred to in our blogsite are factual and do tell the truth:

Republished from the Sunstar Baguio:

Wednesday, October 01, 2008
Real estate buyers told to be careful
By Rimaliza Opiña

BUYERS of real-estate properties are warned to be wary doing transactions because they might be dealing with brokers who do not have licenses to sell issued by the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB).

The warning was issued following the HLURB-Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR)’s issuance of the list of projects done by subdivision developers or individual, but without certificates of registration or licenses to sell.

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This report of the HLURB was used as basis for the submission of a proposed resolution by committee on lands chair Isabelo Cosalan Jr., which seeks to enjoin developers or contractors to apply first for permits and clearances with the city government before conducting business.

The HLURB is the government agency that regulates and monitors development of private lots into subdivisions. The agency sets the requirements and guidelines before one is allowed to sell properties.

Before the HLURB issues a certificate of registration and license to sell, developers are required to first submit among other requirements, a development permit and approved subdivision plan.

The City Government through a City Council resolution, issues a subdivision plan.

Many developers however operate even without complying with requirements of the HLURB resulting to the “proliferation of subdivision developers, contractors and subdivision owners circumventing or outrightly ignoring the law.”

Cosalan said this is a reason why urban problems occur like unsound urban planning, substandard roads and alleys of subdivisions, inadequate public facilities and non-delivery of title to buyers.

With the possibility these developers are endangering the lives of their clients, not to mention their depriving the city of revenues, Cosalan said: “There is a need to warn and discourage would-be real estate from transacting with these violators to avoid future housing/subdivisions related problems legal or otherwise.”

According to him, the City Planning and Development Office and the City Buildings and Architecture Office should spearhead the campaign by issuing notices of violation and refrain from issuing locational clearances, building and excavation permits.

The list of developers, dealers or brokers has existing projects in La Trinidad, Sablan and Tuba.

The partial list of projects without a certificate of registration and license to sell in certain locations are Everest Realty and Development Corporation, Goshen Land Capital Incorporated, TBF, Vicinage Territories Realty Corporation, Megaview Homes Developers, the heirs of Bandonill, BBCC, Engr. Benedictor Fernandez, Cevar Realty and Development Incorporated, BLIST-GETCHA HOA, Brandy co-heirs, Baguio-Benguet Green Meadows Incorporated, Century Builders and Consultants Inc., Piecemeal Developer, Country Yards, Danilo Braulio et al, Everest Realty and Development Corporation, Bayquen Realty, Priscilla Sy, Aeroville Homeowners Association, Easterhill Phases 1 and 2, Allied Design and Construction.

Megalopolis Properties, Fil-Estate, De Francia Development, Milhai Inc., Brixium, Olive Garcia, Paul Piluden, Baguio-Benguet Community Credit Cooperative, Felimon Rimorin, Royal Peninsula, Honeycomb Builders, BHI Centennial Development Inc., Helen Dagdagan, Lexber Inc., Honorio Consolidated Development Cooperative, Na Rae Sung Corp., Dominguez Subdivision, Cordillera Housing Cooperative, Juliet Galvez, various entities selling lots at Kitma, Marcos highway, Fil-Am Realty, Barengville Homeowners Association, Prime Peak, Baguio-Benguet Homeowners Association, BG Asian Pacific Builders and Marcons Builder.

Also included in the list are: Mire Construction, Megaplan, George Dacanay and spouse, Vision Heights Realty, BG Asian Pacific Builders, SLU-SVP Housing Project, LGTM Corporation, among others.

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(October 1, 2008 issue)
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We have highlighted in red and underlining the references to Mam Lovely´s organizations. It is abundantly clear that both HLURB-CAR and Baguio City Council Committe on Lands Chairperson Isabelo Cosalan are now investigating the operations of Mam Lovely and her CMP housing scam.

We imagine that Isabelo Cosalan will be aiming to protect the best interests of the scammed city hall employees who are now suing Mam Lovely and Judge Abraham Borreta, and also the employees from the city engineer´s office who were scammed by her. We hope that Cosalan will immediately identify to Mayor Bautista the need to have Mam Lovely and BBGMFI stopped from operating in Baguio City and their office padlocked. We also hope that Cosalan will get Mayor Bautista to check what alias name this woman uses for her enrolment in a dentistry course at UB.

For any of you who doubt the truthfulness of the documents identified in our blogsite, it is easy for you to go to the relevant government departments where you can see the documents yourselves and conclude that Mam Lovely is nothing but a compulsive liar.

You could also ask her to provide you with a copy of her marriage certificate to Roehl Mandapat so that you can present these to HLURB-CAR Director Rebecca Torres and Isabelo Cosalan to assist in criminal prosecution for falsification of her registration of BBGMFI and business permit.

Unfortunately, Mam Lovely is unable to provide you with a court anulment document for her previous marriage to Christopher de Vera – it simply does not exist – we have checked – so any Mandapat marriage certificate would evidence the criminal act of bigamy.

We ask Mam Lovely how she is ever going to get her necessary Certificate of Registration and License to Sell when HLURB are now aware of her false identity, which is anotated on her TCTs for the Benguet Green Meadows project site. All buyers need to be aware that she cannot transfer a title to you because the present title is in the name of a false alias name – effectively her land titles have no legal validity and can be voided.

If buyers want their money back all they have to do is file a complaint with HLURB just like several buyers have already done so.

Finally, Mam Lovely, only a falsifying fool attempts to ridicule those who publish the truth and try to help those unfortunate people who have been deceived by your scam. Obtaining government funding using a false alias name is a minimum 25 year sentence. Please also remind your friend Judge Abraham Borreta that he is an accomplice to your criminal activity in connection with Benguet Green Meadows. Even judges get criminal sentences when the public documents that you, Mam Lovely, have executed evidence his undoubted guilt.


Republished from the Baguio Midland Courier, October 12, 2008:

Dad says 98 real estate projects lack permits
by Harley Palangchao


Warning to the public has been issued against close to a hundred real estate and subdivision projects in Baguio and nearby Benguet province because the projects are without certificate of registration and license to sell.

The warning was issued by city councilor Isabelo Cosalan Jr. as he proposed a resolution urging these real estate developers, contractors, and subdivision owners to secure the necessary permits from the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) regional office.

Cosalan said that there are around 98 real estate and subdivision projects without certificate of registration and license to sell based on the documents furnished by the HLURB to the city council.

“There is a need to warn and discourage would-be real estate buyers from transacting with these violators to avoid further housing and subdivision-related problems in the future or otherwise. Likewise, there is a possibility of putting the life and properties of clients in danger,” Cosalan said.

He explained that the basis of the HLURB to issue the required certificate of registration and license to sell of a subdivision prior to the selling of residential houses or lots to the public is a development permit and approval of subdivision by the city government.

But Cosalan said that there are still erring individuals or corporations that unduly alter the existing plans and uses of certain communities and zones prescribed by the law.  

“The proliferation of subdivision developers, contractors, and subdivision owners circumventing or out-rightly ignoring the law had caused a myriad of urban problems due to unsound urban planning such as housing subdivisions with sub-standard roads and alleys, inadequate facilities, non-delivery of title to buyers and other problems as a result of poor planning,” he said.

Cosalan urged all those concerned with lacking requirements to secure all permits from the HLURB and from the government.


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9 Responses to “It´s Official – Sunstar Baguio and Baguio Midland Courier reports that HLURB-CAR and Baguio City Council Resolution identify that BBGMFI has no Certificate of Registration and License to Sell!”

  1. Nick Says:


    I am looking for additional news about LGTM for which my family is paying monthly for a plot of land. There isn’t much that can be found on the Net, and I am lucky to have found this blog (I tried sending a message to Sunstar but their contact form is not working). Any advise on where we can get more information to at least verify if what we are paying for is legitimate. Thank you in advance!

    • Alias Names Says:

      The best way to check out if LGTM is legitimate or not is to take your family to visit Rebecca Torres at HLURB-CAR. She is the person who (along with Councillor Cosalan) compiled the list of subdivision developers without licenses to sell, permits etc, and is a very pleasant and helpful person,. She will be able to advise you if LGTM has the necessary registrations and license to sell, etc, and she may also be able to give you the names of contacts at other agencies such as the the local government planning and development office (zoning and development permits), DENR-EMB-CAR (for checking if an environmental clearance has been secured), DENR-MBG-CAR (for checking whether any major geohazards have been located in a geohazard report). She will be able to tell you whether the project is violating existing HLURB and possiblt other housing laws and, if applicable, help you demand refunds, and advise you how to stop paying on a monthly basis while still retaining any legal rights that you may have. Be careful about speaking to other people in HLURB as they may not be trustable. Also, try and find out who is the registered land owner for the LGTM project. If you know the lot No and/or the TCT number, you go to the registry of deeds and get a copy of the TCT which will then enable you to see if there are any liens on the title and also whether or not the registered landowner has granted authority (using a special power of attorney) for anyone else to sell the land. Also, please remember that sometimes land is not yet titled, and someone may try to sell lots based on a tax declaration. Buying land based on tax declarations is very risk as there is no legal right to ownership for the prospective buyer. We discovered the various anomalies at Benguet Green Meadows by checking with registry of deeds, DENR-EMB & MGB, municpal planning and development office. They have an obligation to disclose public documents related to the LGTM project if these are requested by a member of the general public and you can even aske for certified copies for which you would need to pay a fee or if applicable get the agency to certify that no permit has been issued and which would support any criminal estafa complaint that you may decide you need to file. If you know the name of the corporation promoting LGTM, you can even go to the Securities and Exchnage Commission Baguio Extension Branch and and check out its background and again you could if you wanted get certified copies. Most importantly, if you do find documents indicating that the project is a fraud, this needs drawing to the attention of any other buyers that you know, so that collectively your complaint will have more impact. If many buyers complain, even corrupt agency officers have no choice but to stop protecting land scam cheats. If you are members of a subdivision homeowners assocation, check out whether it has been validly registered with HLURB-CAR by speaking to Rebecca Torres.

  2. rem Says:

    how can we talk to mrs. torres when she is already been suspended.

    • Alias Names Says:

      She is only suspended because she was helping cheated lot buyers and Fabul, the head of HLURB, is a UP fraternity brother of the crooked land scamster Borreta, and he is helping Borreta because she was prepared to present court testimony against Borreta in the case filed by the City Hall employees. That would have ended his career as a judge. The way to deal with this corruption within HLURB and create a better future for Filipinos is to file a complaint with the Ombudsman so that all the corrupted housing agency officials are all removed from office and Lovely Ladignin de Vera and Borreta are sent to jail where they both belong. You can also file a complaint with the new HLURB-CAR regional officer and demand that the same action be taken against BBGMFI and Mandapat (real name de Vera) as was taken for the complaints previously filed by Olsim etc. Also write to Noli de Castro, head of NHA and complain to him about everything including de Vera’s use of false name and involvement of corrupt judge Borreta. Noli has previously had other social housing scamsters arrested.

    • Alias Names Says:

      It is very important that all cheated lot buyers file formal complaints with all the housing agencies – HLURB, SHFC, NHFMC, NHA, HUDCC. The complaint letters should also complain about why the housing agencies have not followed up Rebecca Torres previous request for revocation of the accreditation of BBGMFI nd Mandapat has not been carried out when lot buyers continue to be cheated by this bogus foundation. Complaint letters should also demand the reistatement of Rebecca Torrres at HLURB-CAR as she is the only housing agency official who has been prepared to make a stand against this housing scam and the corrupt Judge Borreta. Lot buyers should join together and get coverage in the media.

  3. rem Says:

    how can we file case against daphne molintas peredo? She was the one need to be convicted. She sold lot to us that it was not in her name & no road right of way.

    • Alias Names Says:

      If this was at Phase 1B, while the lot was not in her name, we do know that she is acting for the registered landowner Cecil Salmin and may have the necessary delegation of authority from Salmin. The lack of right of way is firstly because the easement that Mandapat executed granting a right of way through Phase 1 to Phase 1B is most probably legally invalid and without the knowledge or authority of PNB, the relevant Phase 1 landowner, and secondly because there are no permits issued for Phase 1 then no right of way road can be legally constructed through Phase 1 to allow access to Phase 1B (instead there are two notices of violation prohibiting any construction work). So your problems may result more from the illegal acts of Mandapat than Peredo, and it is quite possible that Peredo is just another scam victim of Mandapat (de Vera). There is also the possibility that she needs to secure authority from various landowners between Phase 1 and the National Road unless all the lands along that route have been donated by the landowners for the purpose of allowing subdivisons to be built. The recently concreted road is for farm-to-market purposes. It is not suitable for subdivision traffic, is already badly affected by typhoon Pepeng and may be washed away in some sections dut=ring the next typhoon season. We also understand that there may be a court case filed by Peredo against Mandapat regarding the right of way problem, in which case she is trying to do the right thing and expose the Mandapat fraud.

  4. Gina Parreno Says:

    No it is not true that Daphne Molintas-Peredo is innocent of charges. We’re hoping that this website would not cover up for her, just because she is a relative of a powerful clan. Peredo also has a long history of estafa and fraud. One has only to check with the city court records. It’s a disservice to the Baguio people who are scammed by unscrupulous real estate brokers like Peredo.

    • Alias Names Says:

      Please be reminded that the website identifies her publicly documented involvement in BBGMFI, Benguet and Loakan Green Meadows. It does not cover up for her. It does not claim that she is innocent. The website sets out to disclose publid documents such that anyone who feels they have been cheated at Benguet Green Meadows and other NEJSSFI/BBGMFI projects knows where to find public documents to support the filing of formal written complaints with the courts and government housing agencies against the officers and trustees involved etc. If you wish to help any lot buyer who believes they may have been cheated by her involvement at Benguet Green Meadows or any other NEJSSFI/BBGMFI project, then may we respectfully suggest that you identify the relevant court case numbers, associated court numbers and what charges she has been found guilty of, so that those buyers can check her background for themselves and use the information to support any complaints that they may wish to file for themselves.

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