Mam Lovely admits to using false identity in her latest blog posting (Updated)

We have to laugh at the arrogantly foolish content of Mam Lovely’s latest blog posting on her site which we publish below:
Saturday, October 04th, 2008 | Author: admin

It’s been a while since my last post. First of all, I would like to greet all the people out there reading all the posts related to Baguio-Benguet Green Meadows Foundation Inc. especially the funny lies on the blog site where the contributors keep on repeating the words, sentences and paragraphs. How’s the old lady doing? If you don’t know what I mean, she is one of those people who envy Lovely Ladignon. It doesn’t matter what the real name is! What is important is that this particular person helps in the community.

We recall that your last post received a rather rude comment from a Turkish hacker.

Anyway, congratulations on your new blogsite, Mam Lovely. But please please please upload a copy of your Roehl Mandapat marriage certificate and court anulment of your Christopher De Vera marriage if you really want anyone reading your blogsite to believe that you are not telling lies and using a false alias name.

Your use of the names “Lovely Ladignon”, Lovely Lapuz” and the phrase “It doesn´t matter what the real name is.” is tantamount to you admitting that your use of the surname Mandapat was a false name being used to obtain registrations, certifications and funding from government agencies for BBGMFI, Loakan Green Meadows, court cases and TCTs for Benguet Green Meadows. But why not use your legally recognised name of Lovely Ladignon de Vera just like the Cabanatuan City Civil Registry still uses for you. Why are you trying to keep cheating people by using the name Lovely Ladignon? Maybe soon you will start using the surname of the man from the pawn shop business who you stole from his wife?

Indeed, given that the blogsite is for BBGMFI we are astonished that Mam Lovely has not made any reference in her new blogsite to “Lovely Ladignon Mandapat”, the false alias name that has been used to falsely and criminally incorporate and register that foundation, obtain NHFMC and SHFC accreditation, obtain funding from the NHFMC and cheat unsuspecting lots buyers of hard-earned money. But perhaps we should not be so astonished by her criminal tendency given her earlier arrests for several charges of violation of BP22 and estafa. 

Anyway, thank you for providing evidence to demonstrate your use of a false identity (Mandapat) and admitting who is telling the lies – you!

Only a fool would be so arrogant to publicly make such an admission on a blogsite that is presently being monitored by the affected government housing agencies. An even bigger fool uses surnames other than the one she has falsely used (Mandapat) to register her foundation.

That arrogance is further demonstrated by the fact Mam Lovely clearly is not helping anyone that she has fraudulently taken money from for the Benguet Green Meadows project that has not secured the necessary permits etc. Maybe her friend Judge Borreta did not wisely advise her that taking money for a subdivision project that does not have any permits is estafa. Mam Lovely, if you insult cheated buyers by falsely claiming that you help people, then that will only make them more determined to have you sent to jail.

Yes fellow Buyers, you are quite entitled to file charges of estafa against Mam Lovely, BBGMFI and Judge Borreta (as co-landowner).

Under Philippine law these falsifying thieves either have to return your money immediately upon your issuance of a written demand letter or you file an estafa complaint if they refuse. It is that simple – HLURB-CAR will assist you in issuance of the demand letter.

However, one point of her blog posting we are in total agreement with is – the truth will always prevail – and people like her and Judge Borreta who defraud Government agencies, Government employees and members of the general public will be prosecuted and given a long jail sentence.

Finally, Mam Lovely, you were spotted appearing on ABS-CBN TV Patrol Northern Luzon in October 2008. Why did you avoid any reference to your surname?

Were you afraid that such a public reference on television to your false  BBGMFI President surname of Mandapat would be evidence that could be used against you in false alias name criminal charges? We guess that must be the reason why. What a coward you are.

But we also have to ask why you are publicly using BBGMFI funds to donate to people in La Union, when HLURB-CAR has previously demanded that you and BBGMFI repay those funds to complainant lot buyers? Was that donation intended to deceive these people into joining a new socialised housing project of yours in La Union so that you could get them to pay money for overpriced lots to you at a later date? Mam lovely, we are already warning local officials of your fraudulent activities in Baguio, Benguet and Nueva Ecija, and your real name of Lovely Ladignon de Vera.

Unfortunately, Mam Lovely, your appearance on TV Patrol also evidences misappropriation of foundation funds and may also be used by complainant lot buyers to evidence estafa, as you should have more correctly used that money to repay complainant buyers.

And by the way, we have contacted ABS-CBN North Luzon to let them know about your use of false alias names and fake socialised housing schemes. ABS-CBN will be very keen to run a story on your fraudulent activities. See you soon on XXX.


It seems that after all of her illegal donations of Benguet Green Meadows lot buyers money to people in La Union, Mam Lovely has no more money to pay for her website, which now has the following message:

“This domain name expired on 2008-12-09”



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