BBGMFI Bank Account Criminally Opened Using A False Alias Name

According to the BBGMFI Articles of Incorporation and By-laws, the President of BBGMFI is required to be a joint signatory of that corporation.

Any complainant buyer can request a copy of those incorporation documents from the Securities and Exchange Commission Baguio Extension Branch. They can also ask for a copy of the letter issued by the bank for the BBGMFI bank account which is an SEC submission requirement for a registration to be valid.

Buyers can then use the bank name and account number mentioned in that letter together with a copy of the Lovely Ladignon De Vera marriage certificate posted on this blogsite to file a complaint with the Banko Sentral, HUDCC, HLURB, NHFMC, SHFC, NBI and the bank itself that a false alias name (Lovely Ladignon Mandpat) has been criminally used to open and operate that bank account with the intent of defrauding the complainant buyers of money they have paid to buy lots at Benguet Green Meadows that have not been approved by Government Agencies, and that the operator of the account, Lovely Ladignon Mandapat, should be required to prove her identity by way of producing certified copies of her birth certificate, original marriage certificate to Christopher Tobias De Vera, court anulment of the same marriage and the subsequent certified marriage certificate for claimed marriage to Roehl Gapol Mandapat.

The complaint filed with those government agencies and the bank should also name Roehl Gapol Mandapat (the other joint signatory) as an accomplice to defrauding them of money paid for undeliverable unapproved subdivision lots at Benguet Green Meadows.


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