This Weblog has been set up to make public the activities of Lovely Ladignon de Vera, a woman with a past history of multiple charges for estafa and violation of BP22 (Bouncing checks), who has used the false alias names Lovely Ladignon, Lovely Lapuz, Lovely Mandapat and Lovely Ladignon Mandapat to make falsified representations to Philippine Government officials and unsuspecting buyers in her Community Mortgage Program projects.

These projects are being promoted under the guise of a falsely registered NGO, Baguio-Benguet Green Meadows Foundation Inc.

Many people are already suing her and her accomplice Judge Abraham Borreta to get their money back.

Don’t become another victim of her use of false alias names.

The objectives of this weblog are to:

  • Get Lovely Ladignon De Vera to admit that her own testimony before both the Supreme Court and Judge Pamintuan of RTC Branch 3, Baguio City is self-incriminating evidence that she criminally used the false alias name Lovely Ladignon Mandapat when making representations to various Philippine Government officials.
  • Get Lovely Ladignon De Vera to admit that she criminally falsely completed NBI arrest forms.
  • Get Lovely Ladignon De Vera to publish on her website www.lovelylapuz.com all documents pertaining to her claimed anulment of her marriage to Christopher Tobias De Vera and all documents pertaining to her claimed subsequent marriage to Roehl Gapol Mandapat.
  • Ascertain, based on her publication of those documents, the exact extent of her falsification of public documents, which is a criminal offense under Philippine Law. 
  • Get the various Government Agencies who have been deceived by the use of a false alias name to coordinate with NBI and file the appropriate criminal charges against her, as they are mandated by Philippine Law to do so, and in order to protect the general public and ensure clean and transparent expenditure of tax payers money on the Government’s Socialized Housing Program.
  • Get the Supreme Court to motu propio investigate Judge Abraham Borreta of RTC Branch 154 Pasig City for his multiple documented violations of the Code of Judicial Conduct, his apparent involvement in Special Powers of Attorney containing criminally falsified statements intended to deceive government agencies and others, and his association with a person who was using a criminally falsified alias name.

We further forewarn Lovely Ladignon De Vera a.k.a Lovely Lapuz a.k.a Lovely Ladignon a.k.a Lovely Ladignon Mandapat that absent her submission to any Prosecutor’s Office in the Philippines or the NBI of those documents regarding her marital status and National Statistics Office legally recognized name during the period January 1999 to December 2007, she will not be demonstrating that she has any valid legal capacity whatsoever to pursue any court action or file any complaint in the Philippines, including the one that she recently filed in Baguio City against Dr. Jawi Oquendo, and that her capacity to sue will now be challenged on the basis of her questionable identity.

In simple terms, no evidence of malice can exist with regard to this weblog unless she first publishes her De Vera anulment and Mandapat marriage documents in full and publicly acknowledges every occasion on which she had used the criminally false alias name Lovely Ladignon Mandapat before Government officials. 

Of course, Lovely Ladignon De Vera is entitled to a right of reply to our blog. Being fair and reasonable people who do not bear any malice towards her, we would not deny her such an opportunity. She is more than welcome to send us a copy of her court anulment of the marriage to Christopher De Vera and her subsequent marriage certificate to Roel Gapol Mandapat if she believes that our allegations of falsification and fraud are untrue. But to date she has not done so, thus indicating that she knows that the allegations made against her are true.


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  1. Charlie Diaz Says:

    how can i access this website? i want to view some of it but the site requires a password. thanks in advance!

    Answer: try http://www.bbgmfi.wordpress .com

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