The Real Truth About Lovely Ladignon de Vera who also uses the alias names Lovely Ladignon, Lovely Ladignon Mandapat and Lovely Lapuz (UPDATE 1 – Improved Document Pictures)

The website has FALSELY set out to proclaim the “Truth About Lovely Ladignon Mandapat”.

If this website purports to set out the truth about Lovely Ladignon Mandapat then why does it hide behind the FALSE ALIAS NAME Lovely Lapuz, and why does it fail to explain why she has also used the names Lovely Ladignon de Vera and Lovely Ladignon in public documents?

Why indeed even use the name Lovely Lapuz at all?

Does that not indicate that the writer of that website has an intention to rely upon the use of FICTITIOUS NAMES?

Does not the writer of that website understand that the public use of FALSE ALIAS NAMES in the Philippines is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE?

Well, for the uninformed, there is a very good reason why “Mam Lovely”, as she likes to be called, has used the FALSE ALIAS NAME Lovely Lapuz for her website address.

It is because she was born under the name Lovely Lapuz Ladignon to a mother named Venus Lapuz Ladignon. She is simply using an FALSE ALIAS NAME that uses the the surname that her mother had before she got married. 

Further, what Mam Lovely has not told everybody through her wonderfully imaginative and DECEPTIVE website is that she actually married a gentleman named Christopher Tobias de Vera and that they have a child through that marriage.

These are all established FACTS that were presented in a complaint filed by Judge Ruben Ayson of RTC Branch 6 Baguio City and which have been acknowledged by her as being CORRECT, and in testimony before no less than the Supreme Court of the Philippines in January 2003.

Perhaps the memory of Ms. de Vera needs a gentle reminder of the content of the Memorandum for the Complainant submitted to the Supreme Court by Ayson, which stated “During the course of the investigation, it became necessary to establish the identity of Lovely Ladignon Mandapat and her alias names because of the number of criminal cases that she faces or had been filed against her. Lovely Ladignon Mandapat is also Lovely Ladignon de Vera. Lovely Ladignon de Vera is married to Christopher de Vera as shown by the following exhibits: a wedding picture, a wedding invitation and a Marriage Certificate. Lovely Ladignon de Vera also admitted in her testimony that she married Christopher de Vera in a church wedding in a United Methodist Church as well as in a civil ceremony before the City Mayor (Vergara) of Cabanatuan. However, despite her marriage to Christopher de Vera, she uses the family name Mandapat because, according to her, she has a boyfriend whose surname is Mandapat. Lovely Ladignon de Vera had been charged previously with Estafa and Violation of BP No. 22 in different courts in Nueva Ecija as per NBI records. Warrants of arrest had been issued against her. In fact, bail was posted on her behalf at the Regional Trial Court of Pasig City for a criminal case that is pending in Nueva Ecija. Consequently, she was ordered released on November 16, 2002 by Judge Diamante of the Regional Trial Court of Pasig City”.

Below is a copy of the marriage certificate 

Lot buyers  will now also realise without any doubt that  those details presented by Ayson to the Supreme Court identify that Lovely de Vera, the name used for her November 2002 bail release by Pasig City RTC, had earlier in August 2002 used the FALSE ALIAS NAME of Lovely Ladignon to file a libel prosecution against Antonio Vallejo, and that her own testimony sworn under oath before the Supreme Court serves as SELF-INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE of that FALSIFICATION.

Thus, at the time that Mam Lovely incorporated and registered BBGMFI with the Securities and Exchange Commission in Baguio City in September 2002, and based on her very own Supreme Court testimony, the FALSE ALIAS NAME of Lovely Ladignon Mandapat was also used to FALSELY AND ILLEGALLY register a corporation in the Philippines, namely Baguio-Benguet Green Meadows Foundation Inc., and in order to obtain that FALSIFIED AND ILLEGAL registration, she supported her registration application with a Community Tax Certificate that used the FALSE ALIAS NAME Lovely L. Mandapat, that she had FALSELY AND ILLEGALLY obtained in May 2002 from Baguio City Government officials.

The use of a FALSE ALIAS NAME in a public document submitted to a government agency is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE offense under Philippine law. DECEIVING the highest court in the Philippines and Judge Pamintuan is also a CRIMINAL OFFENSE, Mam Lovely.

If Mam Lovely really does want to use her website to publish the REAL TRUTH about Lovely Ladignon Mandapat, then all she has to do is upload a copy of her January 2003 Supreme Court testimony and the Community Tax Certficate No. 17453749 that was issued to her in Baguio City on 15 May 2002 to her website.

Not a difficult task unless Mam Lovely wants to hide the real truth.

Mam Lovely also testified before that Supreme Court that Roehl Mandapat was in FACT only her boyfriend, and not her husband as suggested by her website. Her testimony in January 2003 made no claim that she had already married Mandapat in October 2002.

So we guess that Mam Lovely will not want to upload her testimony as it will simply identify her DISHONEST AND UNTRUTHFUL NATURE.

But why, may we ask her, did she CONTRADICT that testimony to the highest court in the Philippines when she later testified before Judge Pamintuan in one of many court cases her website claims she has filed to protect her honesty and crediblity?

A summary of the court hearings for that libel case was published in Isyu Ngayon, a Nueva Ecija based community newspaper and makes very interesting reading.

According to Isyu Ngayon, “During the Aug, 16 2005 hearing and while Ladignon-Mandapat is under direct examination and testifying under oath, the public prosecutor asked the Court for Ladignon-Mandapat to clarify what is the surname Mandapat in her name, because when she filed the complaint in August 2002, she used the name Lovely L. Ladignon. She claimed that the Mandapat is the surname of her husband, but when again asked about the surname de Rivera (De Vera), she said that it is the surname of the biological father of her first kid. She clarified that when she filed the case in Aug. 2002 she was not yet married to Mandapat, and that they got married only in Oc. 2002.”

So why did Mam Lovely commit PERJURY before either the Supreme Court or Judge Pamintuan because she testified before Pamintuan that she married Roehl Mandapat in October 2002, i.e. four months before she testified to the Supreme Court that he was only her boyfriend?

Perhaps Mam Lovely had a poor memory and forgot about the contradictory content of her earlier Supreme Court testimony, or instead has a tendency to give different stories or LIES on different occasions?

Again, let us give Mam Lovely the benefit of the doubt and allow her the opportunity to publish the REAL TRUTH by uploading to her website copies of her several sworn testimonies before Judge Pamintuan and the examinations and cross examinations carried out by the public prosecutor and the defense counsel. 

Again, not a difficult task, unless Mam Lovely does not want to admit the truth.

We are not fools Ms. de Vera, and neither are the Supreme Court or readers of your website!

Where, Ms. de Vera, is the court decision anulling your marriage to Christopher de Vera?

According to a certification obtained from Cabanatuan City Civil Registry in December 2002, you were still recorded as being married to Christopher De Vera. See below.

 So that would indicate that you committed perjury when testifying before Judge Pamintuan and that would be a CRIMINAL OFFENSE.

How strange that National Statistic Office advised as recently as January 2007 that they had no record of it.

Indeed, we checked the matter out in even greater detail.

According to law, “The Petition shall be filed in the Family Court of the province or city where the petitioner or the respondent has been residing for at least six months prior to the date of filing.”.

And based on the various public documents completed by Mam Lovely since her marriage in February 1999, she either resided in Cabanatuan City or Baguio City, so that means that she could only legally file for annulment in the Family Court of either Cabanatuan City or Baguio City.

But the Family Courts of those two cities have no record of the de Vera marriage being anulled. 

Puzzling indeed.

Further, given the strict rules applicable for valid reasons for annulment, the small matter of custody of the De Vera child, the procedural time requirements, need to publish the proceedings in local newspapers (no details have been found), the six month period for finalization of the court decision after newspaper publication (for 3 weeks) etc, we find it difficult to believe that such an annulment could have occurred in the three and a half year period that followed the February 1999 marriage. But Mam Lovely is more than welcome to publish the relevant documents on her website so that we can all have them verified as correct by the relevant Government officials.

And if that annulment did not take place, then how could Mam Lovely, as her website claims, have legally married Roehl Gapol Mandapat?

We would all like to know –  so please, Ms. de Vera, post on your website the supporting Mandapat marriage certificate and de Vera marriage court annulment documents, if you really want the readers of your website to know the REAL TRUTH.

Not a difficult task unless Mam Lovely wants to avoid telling the truth.

If Ms. de Vera avoids putting these public documents on her website then the inference will be that that no court annulment of the de Vera marriage exists, as has already been advised to us by the NSO and Cabanatuan City Civil Registry, and her marriage to Roehl Mandapat would, if it really exists, and as a consequence, be BIGAMOUS AND CRIMINALLY ILLEGAL.

Thus, the attempt of Mam Lovely’s website to give herself credibility as being honest will have FAILED.

We excitedly look forward to Ms. de Vera uploading her certified true Mandapat marriage certificate and de Vera marriage court annulment documents. Perhaps, as we suspect, she will instead close down her UNTRUTHFUL website.

In his decision dismissing the libel complaint, Judge Pamintuan effectively REBUKED the self proclaimed honest Ms. Mandapat.

According to Isyu Ngayon, the decision penned by Judge Pamintuan stated “Clearly, the news item was based on the Police, Public Prosecutor and Court records which were the basis of the news item. True enough, Mandapat was arrested in some cases.”, “Mandapat was arrested by the Police for pending criminal cases, by virtue of the warrants of arrest issued in these cases, although subsequently some of these cases were provisionally dismissed. Thus malice is not present.”, “Indeed at the time of the publication of the article, Mandapat had many pending cases in Court, although Mandapat claimed that these cases have been dismissed. But the accused said that she had originally about thirty cases pending before the Courts, which number of cases Mandapat admitted on cross-eamination.”, and “Finally, this Court feels that to rule against the Accused, and to put him in jail because of the instant publication news article would be contrary to freedom of speech and freedom of press as protected under the Constitution. Certainly people could be hurt by publications against them, but for as long as the writers based their publications on facts, not lies, and on truth, not on fabrication, without malice towards anyone, this Court will stand firm on one of its sacred tasks, that is, to safeguard freedom of speech, and freedom of the press.“.

So Ms. de Vera, perhaps you could kindly explain to your website readers why Judge Pamintuan did not consider newspaper articles about your arrest and court record to be black propaganda? The answer seems quite obvious to us.

Is the potential exposure and prosecution of a CRIMINALLY BIGAMOUS marriage the reason why Mam Lovely has obtained a visa to go overseas? Or is she going to disappear with the money she has collected from lot buyers.

Mam Lovely, Judge Borreta is not going to be impressed when he finds out that you want to go overseas and leave him to sort out your mess at his financial expense. Nor will your sisters be inpressed, because as trustees of BBGMFI they will become financially and criminally liable for your misdeeds.

Has Mam Lovely used her FALSE ALIAS NAME Lovely Ladignon Mandapat to obtain that visa?

Rest assured Mam Lovely, the foreign embassies have all been informed about your alias names and past arrest record.

Was Mam Lovely’s marriage to Roehl Mandapat really conducted by Judge Caguioa (as rumored), a colleague of the well documented real Benguet Green Meadows project initiator Judge Abraham Borreta, and did Caguioa really pull the marriage records when he was informed about her previous marriage to Christopher de Vera and that it had not been anulled? We heard that he was shocked and embarrassed by the whole affair.

Unless Ms. de Vera uploads a copy of her Mandapat marriage certificate, no reader of her website will be able to agree that her website is being truthful.

Ms. de Vera, please start worrying about your misdeeds because we personally know court officials who know what went on – they are our relatives!

Ms. de Vera should remember that she is not an Igorot and she does not have the trusted local family connections that we all have!

Why does Mam Lovely’s website include a newspaper article referring to her husband Roehl Mandapat. Has she forgotten about her split from Roehl, her subsequent relationship with Dr. Oquendo and her Muslim rites marriage to that dentist?

No doubt Dr. Oquendo will be able to present the details of that Muslim rites marriage in court should she unwisely decide to pursue her complaint against him. So perhaps her filing of a case against him was badly considered because she did not tell him about her previous marriage history.

Ms. de Vera would be wise to consider that the Muslim community do not take very kindly to Christians who adopt the Muslim faith, as any Christian woman who goes through a Muslim rites wedding would be required to do, but in doing so fail to truthfully disclose their previous marriages that have not yet been legally anulled.

Why does Ms. de Vera make reference in her website to filing court cases etc without truthfully acknowledging the fact that all these cases were dismissed or have yet to be concluded? And why does she fail to detail all of the complaints and court cases that have been filed against her? What is she trying to hide? The answer is “THE REAL TRUTH“.

One complaint that Mam Lovely filed even failed to get past the City Acting Prosecutor whose Resolution contained a damning REBUKE.

Has Mam Lovely forgotten the wording of that rebuke in which Acting City Prosecutor Anonuevo G. Solomon stated “Defamatory statements should not be interpreted by taking the words uttered one by one out of context and giving them twisted meanings all for the purpose of seeking the exculpation of the accused. The expressions must be taken in their entirety.”


The use of twisted meanings and taking words out of context also indicates that the prosecutor regarded Mam Lovely’s filed complaint as having MALICIOUS intent, which is potentially criminally prosecutable.

Something Mam Lovely ought to very carefully remember before she files her next falsified and malicious complaint.

What becomes ENTIRELY LAUGHABLE is that whereas she filed that complaint under the name Lovely Mandapat and named the Baguio Midland Courier as a defendant, shortly after the prosecutor dismissed her FALSIFIED COMPLAINT in September 2005, BBGMFI placed an advertisement in the Courier in October 2005 in which the President of BBGMFI was FALSELY stated to be Lovely Lapuz!

Mam Lovely, if you publish FALSIFIED advertisements, then how can you possibly expect readers of your website to believe that you are telling “The Truth About Lovely Ladignon Mandapat”?

Why did Mam Lovely fail to identify in her website that she filed that particular complaint because it had been reported in the Baguio Midland Courier that the Benguet Green Meadows project had been commenced ILLEGALLY

Why did her website not TRUTHFULLY acknowledge that La Trinidad Municipal Government did indeed issue in February 2002 a Notice of Violation for illegal commencement of development work without first obtaining the necessary permits, a fact that anyone can check with the Municipal Planning Office, and why did her website not truthfully acknowledge that, after development was re-commenced illegally without first obtaining an Environmental Clearance Certificate, DENR-EMB issued another Notice of Violation in January 2003, which can also be confirmed by that Government Department?

 See Notices of Violation below.

Why did Mam Lovely’s website fail to identify that the Benguet Green Meadows Phase 1 project site at Longlong has a fault line running through it, as was clearly identified in a January 2002 DENR-MGB Geohazard report, and why has she not told the people who are paying money for this project about this FACT?

See DENR-MGB details below.







So why, Ms. de Vera, are you FAILING to tell the buyers, many of whom have paid their installments in full, that you cannot provide them with any title to the lands that they have paid money for at Benguet Green Meadows because a complaint has been filed in RTC Branch 8 La Trinidad by Benjamin S. Garcia regarding disputed ownership of the project lands, and thus she can neither get necessary permits from various government agencies nor sub-divided TCTs issued by the Registry of Deeds?

Indeed some of the project lands are still titled in the name of Philippine National Bank and Imelda Mangabat, are they not Mam Lovely?

So what valid legal basis did you have to start collecting money off the affected sub-lot buyers?

Selling lands owned by others without valid authority would be a CRIMINAL OFFENSE.

Some of Mam Lovely’s lot buyers have independently checked such matters out and know that she is being UNTRUTHFUL with them.

Why, Ms. de Vera, are you so afraid to tell people the REAL TRUTH, and instead try and hide behind your SHAM webite image? 

Also, shame on you Ms. de Vera for resorting to MALICE just so that you could harrass people who were telling the truth that you wished to hide from the general public by filing FALSIFIED LIBEL COMPLAINTS

Rather unwisely Ms. de Vera, when you asked DENR-EMB for a certification using the name Mandapat in order to file that libel complaint, you failed to check whether the Director of DENR-EMB who issued that Notice of Violation was an acquaintance of the people you subsequently maliciously chose to falsely sue for libel.

Not very smart of you, because using a FALSE ALIAS NAME to obtain that certification is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE, so now you have a big big problem getting any ECC for Benguet Green Meadows Phase 1 at Longlong, because we are personal friends of the current DENR-EMB officials with whom you have to deal, and they do not like what you did.

They had no option but to issue you your requested certification, as it was their public duty to do so, but you were issued that certification under your FALSE ALIAS NAME of Mandapat so that you could be prosecuted at a later date.

More fool you for getting that certificate using a FALSIFIED name to file a malicious libel complaint.

Once again you are an outsider who forgets about our very good local Igorot clan connections, which we hasten to add extend as far as your project in Bacolod.

Please rest assured that officials in Negros are already looking into your real background!

Bad news for you – we personally know Mayor Bing and have his cell number.

Oh yes, Mam Lovely, and if you cheat socialized housing beneficiaries down there in Negros, please expect a visit from the gentlemen from the RPA-ABB. They do not like people who use false alias names to cheat the poor! And we can assure you that poor people in Negros know how to get their money back – they either go to the RPA-ABB or the NPA for help. 

Please be reminded that the SHFC (as opposed to NHFMC) website identifies that your Hinigaran Green Meadows HOA project has been pending approval since you submitted your application in 2005, so perhaps you are not legally entitled under government socialized housing regulations to collect monies from proposed beneficiaries yet?  

Why does Ms. de Vera use an old 2003 article published in The Junction to promote her credibility?

Surely she has  not forgotten that it was the same Junction newspaper that also published an article in 2002 identifying that she had been arrested by NBI Baguio in January 2002 for several outstanding arrest warrants and under her name of Lovely Ladignon de Vera?

Why did her website not truthfully include excerpts from that damning 2002 Junction article? Why did her website fail to admit that she had on several occasions purchased jewelry with checks that bounced when they were presented to banks, admit hat this was why criminal charges were filed against her and she was issued with arrest warrants and had to appear in court?

We suppose the answer is pretty obvious – it would expose the real truth about her background.

We hope that Mam Lovely truthfully disclosed her many arrest records when she applied for her visa to go overseas and that she also declared her previous marriage to Christopher de Vera. Foreign Government Immigration departments  arrest poeple who falsify their visa applications upon arrival in the foreign country, they then charge them with falsification, send them to jail and upon release from jail they are deported.

So perhaps she will no longer want to make use of her acquired visa?  

Anyone can check the January 2002 arrest documents by inquiring with NBI.  So why not be honest and truthful Ms. de Vera and add these lack of credibility facts to your website.

Why did she file not one but two libel cases against the journalist who wrote those Junction “arrest” article and why did she use two different names to files those cases (Lovely Ladignon and Lovely Mandapat). Further, should not one or both of those cases have been correctly filed under her NSO legally recognised name of Lovely de Vera?

Indeed why did Mam Lovely file a second complaint using a different surname when she could have simply informed the judge presiding over the first complaint of her change of name? 

Well of course, if she had filed under the name de Vera, then the complaint would clearly have never got past the City Prosecutor’s desk! DECEIVING a City Prosecutor by filing multiple copies of the same complaint simply does not give her any credibility.

And informing the judge of a name change would immediately arouse suspicion in that judge’s mind, and would have required her to submit copies of her Mandapat marriage certificate in order to authenticate her advised name change. So it would seem that her objective was to deceive the judge and avoid exposing her use of a misleading alias name when filing her complaint, that name differing from the one under which she had been arrested by the NBI. 

Why does her website not disclose that this court case, yet another of her so-called claimed filed cases to protect her credibility was dismissed by Judge Pamintuan, whose decision clearly identifies that the report in the Junction was factually correct and supported by public documents including her arrest warrants and NBI arrest forms, and thus clearly was not libelous at all?

Once again Ms de Vera, you filed a malicious and untruthful libel complaint just to protect yourself from your true background being further publicly exposed. Her recently set up website only serves to further demonstrate how UNTRUTHFUL AND DISHONEST she really is.

It is quite simply UNTRUTHFUL for you to use your website to promote the idea that you are the subject of black propoganda.

The public documents that anyone can check are FACTUAL and clearly identify that your activities are dubious in nature.  

Ms. de Vera, the government officials in La Trinidad would like to know why you used the FALSE ALIAS NAME Mandapat in early 2002 when dealing with them on Benguet Green Meadows if you were being ARRESTED under your REAL LEGALLY RECOGNIZED NAME of Lovely Ladignon de Vera? They do not like the way you DECEIVED them.

Maybe Mam Lovely has not considered that the Baguio City Hall employees that are suing her for return of money paid are acquainted with La Trinidad government officials.

How then does Mam Lovely expect to get the permits she needs for both her Benguet and Loakan Green Meadows projects, when local government officials are lining up against her? 

La Trinidad officials are very concerned that Mam Lovely used a FALSE ALIAS NAME to dupe them and hide the fact that there were several outstanding arrest warrants under her real legally recognized name of de Vera.

We have attached below a copy of a resolution passed by Benguet Green Meadows Homeowners Association,


In particular, Mam Lovely, take note that the Resolution states “The apparent affiliation with Benguet Green Meadows Phase 1 HOA and project has stirred apprehensions and suspicions within the SB (Sanggunian Bayan of La Trinidad) body that this project under Phase 1-B is also involved with the management and transactions of Phase 1 which was issued a Notice of Violation last February 15, 2002.”

The SB were in fact correct to have apprehensions and suspicions because public documents exist that prove that Phase 1-B was in fact connected to the management of Phase 1 until April 2003. The people involved in Phase 1-B simply DECEIVED the SB. Oh yes, Mam Lovely, we know everything!

We really do hope that Mam Lovely has made Senator Biazon aware of her past CRIMINAL ARREST history and use of FALSE ALIAS NAMES as it is not going to look very good at all when the chairman of the Senate Housing Committee gets investigated on her claim that he is involved in her projects.

Senator Biazon is a man who will not like being linked by Mam Lovely and her UNTRUTHFULNESS AND DISHONESTY. Rest assured Mam Lovely, we will be issuing him a copy of all the gory details.

Mam Lovely, name dropping is not a wise thing to do on your website when it makes falsified claims.

Please don’t make false claims about BBGMFI being involved since 2000 when you only incorporated BBGMFI in September 2002, and you did not have accreditation from NHMFC until some time later to collect any monies for any project under BBGMFI. 

Ms. de Vera, please start being honest by admitting that Benguet Green Meadows was actually initiated by Judge Abraham Borreta (acting for Galaxy Homes and Antonio Marfori) and NEJ Social Services Foundation Inc and that Borreta was initially being assisted by Daphne Molintas Peredo in 2000 and most of 2001 and not, as is FALSELY being claimed in your website, by you! This is all well documented.

And please remember that Benguet Green Meadows was not claimed to be a CMP project in 2000 by Borreta when he was dealing directly with La Trinidad Government officials.

Similarly why is Mam Lovely claiming that Loakan was initiated by BBGMFI when it was started before she incorporated that foundation, and the public documents that she signed in August 2002 using her false alias name Mandapat made reference to NEJ Social Services Foundation?

Mam Lovely knows that the background to Benguet Green Meadows is set out in public documents retained by Government departments and the Supreme Court decision in Ayson Vs. Borreta, and that it resulted in Borreta being found guilty in June 2006 for violating the Code of Judicial Conduct. Anyone can see the details of that decision on So why does she chose to LIE in her website?

As the memory of Mam Lovely is a bit dim on the Matter of how Benguet Green Meadows was really initiated by Judge Borreta, we suggest she reads again the Memorandum of the Complainant page in the case against Borreta that we have kindly reprinted below for her benefit.


Incidentally, why is Mam Lovely now studying dentistry at University of Baguio if she is doing so well with her CMP projects? Has she correctly informed the Government Housing Agencies that she can no longer properly administer these CMP projects because she has taken up full time study?

Perhaps she can now make use of that dentist chair that she donated to Dr. Oquendo! Maybe that is why she falsely sued him to get it back. 

Bad news Mam Lovely, we know what name you are using for your enrollment and we don’t think the Baguio Mayor whose family run UB is going to be too impressed.

As we keep saying, we have very good local connections who tell us exactly what you are up to! 

The people who you may think are your friends are the ones who tell us what is going on, and simply because they have seen the factual records on your background and we have known them for much longer than you!

Ms. de Vera, why are you making reference to selling land to CMP beneficiaries for 700 pesos and making a big song and dance about interest free loans.

Please put the full FACTS on your website instead of trying to DECEIVE your website readers.

Mam Lovely, your buyers have paid a lot more than 700 pesos per square meter.

Has Mam Lovely forgotten that a project information was submitted to La Trinidad Municipal Council when she was trying to get permits for NEJ Social Services at Benguet Green Meadows? See below.

The projected land acquisition cost alone was 700 pesos per square meter and then the land development costs had to be added.

And has Mam Lovely forgotten that the land was generally purchased by her with the aid of a Borreta Special Power of Attorney for in many cases only 50 pesos per square meter? – wow! – that would suggest a 650 per square meter or over 1000% profit margin. Low cost housing indeed! 

But why are Mam Lovely and Judge Borreta buying that land when surely under CMP regulations it should be bought by the HOA directly from the original registered land owner to avoid any intermediary profit taking by yourselves?

And why was the land purchased using Borreta SPAs when the Supreme Court has declared that doing so would cause Borreta to once again violate the Judicial Code of Conduct.

Perhaps Mam Lovely and Judge Borreta are not aware that Judge Barte of Antique was suspended for 6 months for just such violations of the Code of Judicial Conduct.

And further, why did Mam Lovely need to get RTC Branch 10 to order the issue of duplicate TCTs so that she could transfer titles to her name?

We all know that the registered land owner, Purita Llorente is EVADING ARREST after being found guilty for a FALSIFICATION offense.

When Mam Lovely obtained that RTC Branch 10 court order, was she not aware that the use of certifications etc provided under the name Abraham Borreta would cause both Borreta and the RTC Branch 10 Judge to VIOLATE the Judicial Code of Conduct in a very serious way, and could cause the Supreme Court to anull the Order issued by RTC Branch 10?

It should have been obvious to all concerned that given Llorente’s CRIMINAL CONVICTION, no Judge should have issued a court order resulting from a certification submitted by another Judge who was to become a joint owner with Mam Lovely of the Llorente lots.

Finally, for this blog, many of the publicly available documents referred to above which demonstrate without question the UNTRUTHFUL AND DISHONEST nature of Ms. de Vera will shortly be posted on this weblog. These will include the anomalous documents for Benguet and Loakan Green Meadows.

The general public and particularly those who want to know the REAL TRUTH about de Vera, Ladignon, Mandapat, Lapuz, BBGMFI, Borreta and NEJSSFI must be kept informed and the various Philippine Government Housing agencies MUST INVESTIGATE the anomalous Green Meadows projects.


ABUSE of the Philippine Government’s socialized housing program MUST BE EXPOSED so that tax payers and beneficiaries are not cheated. 


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9 Responses to “The Real Truth About Lovely Ladignon de Vera who also uses the alias names Lovely Ladignon, Lovely Ladignon Mandapat and Lovely Lapuz (UPDATE 1 – Improved Document Pictures)”

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  2. loakan Says:

    Lovely Ladignon is now again out in the open to fool people. Just recently she invited some officials of housing agencies to grace the groundbreaking of her cruzdel housing project at Crystal Cave Baguio City together with ABS-CBN? It seems this media company and housing agencies officials are not aware of who is Lovely Ladignon. Are they suppporting her foolish activities? the housing agencies must be consulted about this! Was there a development permit issued by the City Gov’t?

    Lovely Ladignon must be declared persona non-grata in the City….

    • Alias Names Says:

      If she has a new scam going at Crystal Cave, I suggest that this is urgently brought to the attention of Rebecca Torres at HLURB-CAR. Rebecca has already helped complainant buyers at Benguet Green Meadows and she has prohibited Ladignon and BBGMFI from any promotion or selling of lots because there is no license to sell. Councillor Cosalan is also actively seeking out illegal housing developments in Baguio City without development or other permits and should be able to assist in putting an end to Ladignon de Vera’s scam operations including any at Crystal Cave. If we remember correctly, Crystal Cave is a major geohazard area due to underground limestone caverns and thus it is unlikely that any permits will be issued for a subdivision by governement agencies because in the event of a natural disaster, the government officers will become criminally and civilly liable for any resultant deaths. Other housing agencies are aware of Ladignon because Rebecca Torres has requested that the Ladignon accreditation be revoked. Ladignon can only get assistance from housing officials if these officials are corrupt and assisting her to cheat the public with housing scams.

  3. loakan Says:

    I heard the site is near the St. Martin’s School. The housing agencies based in Baguio was not there, but HGC President/Chairman Bongolan from Manila was there!

  4. Pacdal Says:

    I’m also one of the victim here, I want to know how can I recover my money because it is my sweat and blood and moreover I also invested a lot of money. If any one can provide me a contact number urgently it will be a big help. Here is my number and I hope there will be other people who will join me to file a criminal case against here . 09232498071

    • Alias Names Says:

      As advised in the weblog, you should file your written complaint with the HLURB and HUDCC offices in Baguio and the SHFC office in Makati (which has already suspended the accreditation of BBGMFI/Mandapat). Making a complaint to Mayor Abalos in La Trinidad may also help your cause. HLURB and HUDCC have details of many existing complainants. They should be helping you all to join together to file a class action to recover your money. After all, there is supposed to be a homeowners association is there not so that all of you can file a complaint on behalf of the association members, and it should not be being controlled by BBGMFI. If your complaint relates to any other BBGMFI/Mandapat project in Baguio City, Clr Isabelo Cosalan may be able to help you as he is familiar with the modus operandi of BBGMFI and Lovely Lapuz Ladignon De Vera Mandapat.

    • crystal cave Says:

      We are also victims of this so called socialized housing led by this Lovely Lapuz Ladignon. May I asked what happened to your case now?

      • Alias Names Says:

        Please note that as of late last year, we were advised that Mandapat/Ladignon/De Vera/ Lapuz and BBGMFI was blacklisted by HUDCC etc. She was already suspended when she started promoting Crystal Cave illeglly. If you were deceived into paying any money at Crystal Cave then we urge you urgently contact HUDCC and HLURB Baguio City and file a formal complaint such that these agencies can take proceed with criminal charges against her and this bogus foundation. As you can see in the documents published on this blog, Clr Isabelo Cosalan has become involved in Crystal Cave so you may wish to voice your complaint to the councillor as well

  5. crystal cave Says:

    Is this multiple-named, devious, evil, and polygamous woman been filed already with a criminal case regarding the illegal activities of her foundation? If yes, why is she still free and roaming around deceiving more lot buyers? She even went out of the country recently. Doesn’t she have a hold-departure order from the Bureau of Immigration or any government agencies? Is she untouchable???????

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